The Future of Recruitment

This week I read again one of my favourite articles on the future of recruitment from one of the best recruitment industry commentators around, Dr John O'Sullivan, Professor of HR, from San Francisco State University. Even though the article is a little scary predicting most of us will loose our jobs (and I don't agree with all his predictions)!!! It's an interesting glimpse into the future of HR/Recruitment and provides a wealth of strategic insights that we should be assessing ourselves off on a regular basis to continuously improve the way we go about our business.

If you're going to read any article next week read this one. It's broken into 6 parts and while some parts may concentrate on more strategic overviews there will more than likely be a lot of areas that Dr John comments on that on a practical level may prompt you to revise and improve the way you source, screen and think about your recruitment strategy as a whole. See his article at: here.

Also I came across an interesting index that Monster have recently begun to compile on job board activity in Europe, called the European monster Employment Index. While basic, it can give you an idea of some of the main skill needs in some of the bigger EU countries. Hopefully, it will get more detailed as it grows.