New survery from TMP on how the recession has affecrted recruiters in Ireland

TMP Worldwide are currently carrying out a piece of research across Ireland & the UK to look at how the recession has affected recruiters and what organisations are doing to ensure they are ready for the predicted upturn.

The results will allow organisations to benchmark how they have fared in the downturn and where they stand in relation to future hiring needs. It is a telephone based interview that takes about 5 minutes and they will supply the white paper results to all participants around the end of July.

If you would like to take part please contact Dave Griffin at TMP Worldwide and they will call you back to run through the survey – dave.griffin@tmpw.ie

Also, Oracle currently have a vacancy for a contract recruiter - to learn more please contact Siobhan Corcoran at siobhan.corcoran@oracle.com


LinkedIn Deepens Integration with Twitter

It's been on the cards for a while that LinkedIn has been steadily trying to make its platform more social and interactive with users. LinkedIn integrated with Twitter a few months ago, allowing users to Tweet from the platform and pull Tweets into the network with a #in hashtag. In fact, over 1,000,000 users have tied their LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. And this year the network added the ability to “follow” companies, taking a page from both Twitter and Facebook. Today, LinkedIn is furthering its Twitter integration by allowing members to easily find and keep track of their LinkedIn connections on Twitter and more, essentially becoming a full-fledged client

Install the app here.


The King and Queen of Location Based Services

First fully functional ATS on the iPhone

Jobscience doing a great job and bringing us all one step closer to the cloud.

TwitJobSearch integrates video interviewing with Skype

With over 400 million individuals engaging with social media and over 500 million Skype users, TwitJobSearch has just introduced a product that facilitates the linking of Skype IDs to Twitter accounts and then allows them to be attached to job offers in Twitter.

Nearly 1 million unique job opportunities have been posted to Twitter in the last 30 days. This makes Twitter the largest job board in the world. TwitJobSearch uses semantic search technology to filter and index these job offers. The new feature allows job seekers to quickly find a job that suits them, attach their Twitter/Skype IDs to the job and to send a tweet to the recruiter notifying them that they've applied. The recruiter then simply clicks on the candidates Skype ID and can instantly be conducting a video interview. A job offer can be tweeted and a video interview commenced in under a minute. That could make TwitJobSearch the "world's fastest job search."


Facebook getting into location based world

Social-networking giant Facebook is planning to launch location-based status updates for users to compete with Foursquare, and big brands like McDonalds are queuing up to get involved.  This is a direct competitive play on not only FourSquare but on Gowalla and Brightkite as well.

Facebook, which boasts 400m users worldwide, is planning to launch location functionality for its users to compete with Foursquare and it could potentially monetise by allowing brands to put product information related to their venue.

I've been hunting for clear examples around the world as to how companies are using location based technology for recruitment but there is very few good examples on offer. If anyone knows of any please let me know.

Read more here.


Recruit Ireland first job board in Ireland to integrate Facebook's Like Button

Recruit Ireland once again showing that they are carefully watching technology's evolution and responding quickly to social media. This time in the form of Facebook's new Like Button feature which is set to change the web towars a new social semantic web. Well done. Early contender for an Irish Recruiters Hat Tip. Learn more in one of their recent blog posts here.