Irish Recruiters Hat Tip Awards 2010, Winter Presentation and Glimpse at 2011

You can find in the below presentation:

1. Some of the social media approaches catching my eye with Facebook, Twitter, Starbucks and Microsoft
2. You'll get some future social media and technology trends for 2011
3. Well deserved Hat Tip Awards for 2010
4. Information on Irish Recruiters for 2011

You can see it a clearer at:here Click the "Full Screen" icon on the bottom right after you follow the link.

Happy Christmas to one and all!

Irish Recruiters Survey 2010

Thanks to all that took the Irish Recruiters Survey in 2010. Here is the results. Just click on each image to see it in larger format.


LinkedIn launches very cool new resume builder

Part of the fun of working in LinkedIn is getting to play around and tinker with lots of cool things... one of the latest innovations to come out of the company is Resume Builder. Effectively what it does is create your profile into a traditional resume with a couple of quick clicks...

Check it out here.


Chrome Deck - the New Tweetdeck!

Apologies everyone for the drop off in blogging of late. I'm working hard to build a global recruitment strategy for LinkedIn. I've also went into over-drive to hire a world class team of recruiters in Dublin, London, Mumbai and Sydney (to start!)to help develop and execute on the strategy!

In the meantime here's a little something to try out:


LinkedIn is recruiting recruiters!

LinkedIn is recruiting recruiters!

I’m a week into my new job in LinkedIn and I’ve been amazed at the energy and creativity in the company. Lots of exciting products, services and iterative innovation on the way.

I wanted to let the folk of Irish Recruiters know that I am currently building out an international recruitment organisation and as such there are 4 recruitment opportunities on offer at the moment, and there will be more to come:
  • Full –Time Recruiter role based out of Dublin (Sales and Marketing)
  • Full-Time Recruitment Coordinator based out of Dublin
  • Contract Recruiter role in Dublin, 11 months (Sales and Marketing)
  • Contract Recruiter role in London, 11 months (Sales and Marketing)
Full-Time and Contractor Recruiter Roles

At LinkedIn we are looking for incredibly passionate recruiters who don’t want to just recruit, but also want to take on some interesting high-impact project work as well as come to a company and culture where we will expect you to contribute heavily to come up with ideas of how we can develop new world class recruitment products and services

Skills needed are:
  • 5+ years  in-house sourcing experience in a IT/Online Media/Traditional Media multi-national, with experience recruiting for sales, marketing and operation divisions across Europe (at this time no agency recruiters need apply).
  • 2+ direct sourcing experience with strong knowledge of Boolean logic and data mining techniques.
  • Huge passion for social media and feel at home talking about walls, tweets, hashtags and updates.
  • Experience using LinkedIn Recruiter or LinkedIn as a recruiting tool.
  • Be client focused and sales oriented with excellent relationship management skills.
  • Strong project management skills (experience running Europen wide projects a plus).
  • Knowledge of online media and traditional media industries is a huge plus.
Recruitment Coordinator

At LinkedIn we are looking for a Recruitment Coordinator with multiple language skills who has huge passion for social networking and has flexible skills which allows the candidate take part in a number of areas in the recruitment function

Skills/Responsibilities needed are:

  • 2+ years experience supporting an in-house recruitment function in an IT/Online Media/Traditional Media multi-national.
  • Strong coordination skills organizing interview schedules between applicants, hiring managers and the recruitment team.   
  • Experience conducting reference checks for all candidates at offer and accept stage. 
  • Help to maintain an up-to-date recruitment database. 
  • Follow up with applicants in collaboration with recruiters. 
  • Help create and manage departmental documentation.
  • Conducting sourcing work occasionally for junior open roles.
  • Ideal candidate will have fluent English (written and oral) plus one of the following (French, Spanish, German, Dutch)
  • Other duties as assigned.
Please send your CV to me answering the following questions:
  • Why do you want to join LinkedIn?
  • Why should LinkedIn recruit you?
  • What experience do you have with deploying social media technology to recruit candidates?
  • How do you think location based technologies such as Foursquare or Gowalla can be used to recruit or brand open requisitions at LinkedIn?
  • What is your salary expectations?
  • And if successful what is your available start date?
These roles are not open to agencies, please do not forward any applications, all applications should be sent to dfitzgerald@linkedin.com


Some mobile design innovations

We've mentioned Fennec Firefox's web browser for mobile devices on this blog before but Mozilla Labs community member Billy May's concept of what an “Open Web” mobile phone could look like, dubbed Seabord" really sets the mark... I'd bet we'll see some of this in a iPhone 6 or 7 version.


LinkedIn makes its second acquisition: Choice Vendor

Yesterday, LinkedIn acquired ChoiceVendor, a start-up that provides real-world ratings and reviews of business-to-business service providers in more than 70 categories across the United States.

Here's what they had to say on the ChoiceVendor website:

"Today, LinkedIn announced that it has completed its acquisition of ChoiceVendor.

The ChoiceVendor and LinkedIn teams are equally passionate about helping professionals make the best decisions. As part of LinkedIn, we’ll contribute our knowledge and ideas to the products and services that reach LinkedIn’s network of more than 75 million professionals.

Effective immediately, we’ll be ceasing operations at choicevendor.com. We’re very grateful for your support, and we look forward to connecting with you on LinkedIn!"

ChoiceVendor is a San Francisco Bay-based startup company that launched just months ago, in May of 2010. They are described as a Yelp-like review service aimed at the B2B space.

In addition, Garret Kearney of GKR wanted me to let you know he is looking for an internal recruitment manager: http://www.gkr.ie/JobDetails.aspx?JobID=36024 garretk@gkr.ie


Twitter launches new web site and some new recruitment jobs

It's been a very busy few days with lots of recruitment conferences taking place around the world with my own team in the US presenting at SocialRecruitingSummit and then a number of announcements from the world of tech. The one that caught my attention was the launch of Twitter's new web site last night.

While a lot of us use shiny tools to use Twitter the vast majority of people access Twitter through ww.twitter.com.  The new site is rolling out to users all over the world over the next couple of weeks and although Twitter are dressing this up as some sort of great new user it experience (it will improve things).  It seems like this is a big play to support the company's revenue generating model.

Here is some of the commentary from the web on what some people think: TechBytes here and TechCrunch and here.

 Hays are recruiting recruiters in Ireland and all over the world. To learn more cantact Richard.Eardley@hays.com

Philip Finane also has a recruitment manager role open in Saudi Arabia -

Hope to see you at the next Tuesday Club on the 26th of October.

As ever thanks to the annual sponsors of Irish Recruiters: Prima.ie, Loadzabjobs.ie, Arithon.com and Hays.ie!


Some new recruitment opportunities and and impressive free social media analytics tool

What social media analytic tools do you use? One of the main ones we use in Microsoft is Radion 6 which I have talked about before at some of the Irish Recruiter conferences. This is one of the more costly approaches to take and a number of free analytical tools exist in the market depending on what you are tying to do: Bit.ly, Feedburner, Xefer, Twittercounter.com, etc

One that has caught my attention from a recent blog post on their site on the 26th of August from the ShareThis team was there new Social Reach and Indexing tool, you can learn more here. You've probably seen the ubiquitous ShareThis logo everywhere but what is nice about this new tool is there is also share buttons in Social Reach that give a score for each location the buttons are presented and clicked on. Definintely worth investigating for those who are paying close attention to their analytics.

Here are some of the new recruitment roles out there at the moment:

Microsoft is looking for a technical recruiter on a 6 to 9 month contract with a view to extension. If interested contact Victoria on v-voddy@microsoft.com to learn more. The job is geared to hiring for the European Development Center which I worked on before, and the hiring managers are great to work for!

VM Ware in Cork are looking for a campus recruiter based in Cork for hiring from US universities and they are also looking for an in-house technical recruiter. To learn more contact Joe Hendry jhendry@vmware.com

Facebook continues to hire contract recruiters. If interested visit their JDs here: http://www.facebook.com/careers/#!/careers/department.php?dept=hr&req=145909365208 you need a Facebook account to access the role.


Buttons and Aardvarks

A few months ago I stayed up late past 2am to watch the Facebook F8 conference and was awed by the simplicity of the idea around creating a social semantic web with an open graph and easily distributable buttons across the web to usurp links on web pages as the defacto sentinels of the web. I wondered at the time how easy the implication would be and at what rate this new index could be created. The answer to that seems “much much quicker” than was first taught looking at some of the latest adoption numbers.

Buttons are very much en vogue and we are set to see a lot more. After an internal leak this week from Twitter it looks like they are going to launch soon they’re very own set of “buttons” as early as today, see here to learn more.

Google Me” , Google's next attempt at a global social networking platform, seems to very much also a reality after an internal presentation from a Google engineer also got on the web exposing some of the opportunities in social networking for Google to capitalise. Only time will tell if Google Me is a real project, which it probably is, and what type of buttons Google is going to unleash on the world. Google Profiles will be central to whatever they do and it will be interesting to see what percentage of their time they dedicate to getting into a friends and influencers arms' race with Facebook to create a recommendation index versus creating a business social graph to create a business recommendation index which LinkedIn are probably much more poised to capitalise on considering the wealth of data they currently have, the recent acquisition of Mspoke that brings in some recommendation index and data analytic skills in house. The race for buttons has only started.

So how could all of this affect the recruitment industry here in Ireland. Let’s look at at a scenario.

Say I am culchie Ciaran from Carlow (btw: I love Carlow) just made redundant and am searching for a “software developer” job in Dublin and want to make the move up to the big smoke for some capital punishment. Some of the things I would consider are: searching some job boards; studing the press; getting in contact with some agencies; maybe going into PaddyTech in LinkedIn and seeing what jobs are there and possibly even updating my profile in LinkedIn and posting on my Facebook wall to say I’m looking for a job, ecetra, ecetra. I’d probably then set a few hours aside to get in front of a browser and start searching for a job using Google. Let’s say I type in [ “software engineer” jobs Dublin ] to see what gets coughed up, which will be an agency and job boards results: 


All these are the highest ranking organic listings from Google’s index for the keyword search I did. But to what degree do they go to solving my job hunt and what other information would I like to know that the search engine can't provide me with.  Now how about instead of typing into a search engine, I went out an asked the question to my friends in Facebook, and colleagues in my first degree network in LinkedIn. How would I begin to even do that. Well I could post the question on my Facebook wall, or on my LinkedIn profile or even in a LinkedIn group possibly. What I would get is a few reposts or comments from some close friends and colleagues. Which in itself could be very useful information. But let’s imagine I could get a glimpse of what everyone in my networks was reading, or commenting on, or posting questions to or “liking”. Now let’s say for a moment the “like” button, evolves and people in my network could tag the type of likes they like! The good folks who create buttons may come up with some functionality which allows me like a computer related topic. Maybe these button makers have just created a whole new data construct with recommendations or likes with tags for a whole plethora of services and a plenitude of products. All becoming nicely categoriesed. Maybe then it evolves a little more and geo-coordinates are added, so I can like a product, service, etc to a location… it’s now getting a lot more interesting. Maybe if culchie Ciaran asked the question and this time, if the people in his network, adjust their privacy setting to allow him to, he could see other software engineers in his network who have job hunting related information, he might be able to see what books they were looking at, what agencies they liked or job boards, who or the major jobs bloggers for IT in Ireland, what jobs his network find interesting! Bingo – culchie Ciaran may have hit the jackpot!

This naturally brings up all types of privacy and competition and even pure self-preservation debates but these are the type of discussions we are going to be having this decade. These are the conversations Mark Zuckenberg is having internally with his development teams in Facebook in San Fran. All over the dinner tables in Ireland a lot of us will be having similar debates during the coming years. We are very much in the decade of connectiveness and the biggest debate of the decade could well be privacy and who knows maybe buttons and strange animals like aardvark?!

To learn more you should think about coming to one of the up and coming Irish Recruiter's events.


When you hear the word "talent" which company do you immediately think of?

When you think of search you naturally think Google. When you think of coffee, Starbucks rolls off the tongue. When you think of stout it's Arthur but when it comes to talent, who is the company that you automatically tassociate the word with??? That's the answer Jeff Weiner, the young talented CEO of LinkedIn tries to answer.


Ever have too many tabs in your life

I'm constantly looking for ways to speed up my productivity - anything no matter how big or small. It could be a new macro that you write in Bing to automate a search, a new alert you create to track a certain feed or hastag, it could be how I take advantage of the new 10gb email attachement functionality in the new windows live hotmail client to share files with friends or member of Irish Recruiters, or, it could be as simple as how I manage my tabs in my broswers more effectively on Firefox.

That's where Tab Candy comes in. This reminds me a little like the new bunching functionality for apps on the the new iPhone O/S that saves me a lot of time scrolling from page to page. Like that Tab Candy allows you cluster your tabs and then place them in easily accessible locations. Just one of many extensions that is helping me win the race for inches and seconds and helps me get out of the office that little bit earlier and off the grid that little more often.

Im looking forward to learning more about the next release of the project with co-browsing and extensibility high on the development teams functionality road map.


I really dig Flipboard...definitely one of my favourite apps

If any of you have an iPad and your tired of looking at static feeds that come into your RSS reader all looking the same size and dimensions the folk at Flipboard have come out with a brillant idea that is catching a lot of people's attention. The software allows you build your own magazine which allows you to flip through it with a simple swipe of a finger. This is a revolutionary new UI Reader that already has brought down the company's servers with the demand it has seen in the last 3 days. It's free from the iTunes app store and for the moment only available for the iPad. I really love this app and looking forward to a version 2 that allows me a lot more customisation and also allows me bring in my LinkedIn feeds as well as the standard Twitter and Facebook ones it currently is set up for.

Check out their video:


New Facebook SEO tool and 4 new recruitment jobs to check out

I recently played around with Facebook Ads and placed a few ads for a friends business I was helping out with. Up until now Facebook has been lacking a tool of the quality of Google Keywords's Tool. However, I just heard about a new tool called Cash Keywords Pro that looks like it is now the first Facebook keyword tool that does a really good job. Using both tools I was able to get a much better data set of words to chose from to purchase. Check out the video to learn more.

On the job front:

Hays are hiring people in Australia (Perth and Melbourne) here

Principal HR have an IT recruiter position open here.

Salesforce also looking for a recruiter: here 

Accenture also hiring experienced recruiter to work with its Management and Technology Consulting practices. To apply you can contact: Jean.m.flavin@accenture.com


Interesting video on social media from Jobvite on their recent annual social media survey

You can get more comprehensive details from the survey here. I'd recommend having a look at it.

When I get more time I'll get an Irish Recrutiers Social Recruiting Survey out to see what the state of play is here in Ireland.


New Irish and Australian recruitment roles

I've been contacted by quite a few folk to get out the message around some new recruitment roles:

1. Stacey Taylor in othe Adelaide office of Hudson is trying to find some Irish recruiters who want to go and work in Perth. She can be contacted at: stacey.taylor@hudson.com

2. Ciara Williams of Sales Force is looking for a Senior Recruiter to join Salesforce.com on a contract basis in Dublin, she can be contacted at: cwilliams@salesforce.com

3. CPL's  Judith Moffett, Science & Engineering Manager also has a role open at: http://www.cplscience.ie/Jobs/Detail/323484/Recruitment_Consultant  she can be contacted at:  Judith.moffett@cpl.ie


Facebook pushes search further ahead - has "Like" replaced the "Link"???

I don't know how many of you stayed up and watched the Facebook F8 developer conference at 2am recently but I did. I wrote about it in this blog and it for me marked the start of a whole new web called the "Social Semantic Web".  While the company was vague about a lot of details the company has confirmed  that “all Open Graph-enabled web pages will show up in search when a user likes them”.  This is huge and could mark the start of some new forms of machine learning. Google are rumoured to be bringing out their own new search engine "Google Me" and what it means has been doing the rounds on the Internet of late. This is going to be healthy competition as ever for the user.

To all the SEO heads out there this now poses the question what is Facebook SEO and what is possible via the Open Graph.  What is clear now though is this marks the start of the beginning of Facebook's internet strategy.

At the technical level interesting questions that pop to mind are given that all of the OGP metadata is basically RDFa - theycould index the same info if it supported the OGP schema/namespace. The good news is FB is open to changing the OGP spec to better support the standardised version of RDFa http://groups.google.com/group/open-graph-protocol/browse_thread/thread/cc03368ef0d12c1a

As one commentator I read in a forum highlighted " What we really need is for Google Snippets to better support RDFa and also a standardised version. As does Yahoo (Search Monkey) Twitter (Annotations/Search) and eventually Bing. That way every website can add in a standard set of RDFa metadata to create semantic search engines which also creates better SEO for every website. My big fear right now is that each company will split RDFa efforts (now part of HTML5) and create their own namespaces."

It's got very interesting all of a sudden. What a day! I wonder what else is to come... it's hard to keep up with it all!!! :)

Vantage launch Ireland's first IT recruitment iPhone app!

Vantage Resources has come out today with some excellent innovation around the launch of their new iPhone app.  Here's what they had to say:

"The Vantage Resources App is now available to download free of charge from the iTunes store. Our App allows the user to create and manage their own profile allowing them to tailor the job information they want to receive based on their specific skill set, location and job requirement. Once a job matching the individuals’ details comes available the Vantage recruiters will update the candidate by sending text and video clip details to the candidate’s iPhone. "

Simon Martin, MD of Vantage Resources says” The iPhone has created a big buzz in the world of mobile phones and technology. Vantage specializes in IT Recruitment and our customer base is at the forefront of today’s technology. We wanted to design an iPhone app that puts the personal touch back into recruitment and is easy and exciting to use! This is just one of the many steps we are taking to be prepared for the recovery in the jobs market when the economy picks up in 2011. We believe this will play a key role in our online marketing strategy and will be a vital medium for Vantage to keep in touch with all active and prospective candidates. Our aim is to satisfy our client’s vacancy requirements quickly and ahead of our competitors.”

The app can be downloaded here.

Ireland is moving ever closer to the new world of cloud recruitment. Congrats to Simon and team on a job well done!

LinkedIn Groups have additional functionality

Following on from the recent video posted by LinkedIn below here is a little more detail on the changes:

LinkedIn Groups allow you to:

* Quickly discover the most popular discussions in your professional groups.
* Have an active part in determining the top discussions by liking and commenting.
* Follow the most influential people in your groups by checking the Top Influencers board or clicking their profile image to see all their group activity.
* See both member-generated discussions and news in one setting.
* Easily browse previews of the last three comments in a discussion.
* Find interesting discussions by seeing who liked a discussion and how many people commented.

Group Managers

Manage your Group with new moderation tools.

LinkedIn’s new moderation toolkit helps you keep the quality level high within group discussions.

* Managers and moderators can now delete inappropriate posts right from their email box using the new option “Send me an email for each new discussion” in More > My Settings.
* Managers and moderators can now delete inappropriate comments right from their email box by clicking “Delete” within any followed-discussion email alert.
* We are introducing the ability for members to flag items as inappropriate – initially this is a way for us to gather important data and in a few weeks, this capability will enable members to flag items into the moderation queue or, if you choose, delete the content outright after an adjustable number of flags.
* The moderation queue will allow group managers to decide how many member flags can delete a thread or a comment.
* Managers can now restrict the move-to-Jobs capability to themselves. Users still will be able to “Flag-as-job” to move an item into the moderation queue.
* Very-low-connection users will now be flagged as such in groups’ request-to-join queues.
* Very-low-connection users will no longer be admitted directly to open-access groups but routed to the groups’ request-to-join queues.

Featured Discussions

Feature your top discussions as a Manager’s Choice

LinkedIn’s new Groups introduces the first of several changes to featured discussions:

* “Featured Discussions” are now called “Manager’s Choice” in response to user confusion about whether group managers or LinkedIn featured the discussion.
* Original user discussions, user-submitted articles, and RSS items can all be featured by clicking “Add to Manager’s Choice” from the top of any item’s detail page.
* The top Manager’s Choice will be visible in a module on the right side of the most visited page within groups: the discussion detail page.
* The top Manager’s Choice, rather than the top five, appears on the group homepage in a module on the right side of the page.
* Managers can re-order up to 10 Manager’s Choice discussions from the “See All” link in the Manager’s Choice module.
* Manager’s Choice discussions will soon see top billing in the group digest email.


The Social Network - Facebook film out in October - Check out the trailer

Rumour has it that Google are planning a Facebook killer called "Google Me", learn more here.

Judith Moffett of CPL Science is hiring a recruiter here If interested contact her on Judith.moffett@cpl.ie or 01 6146132


LinkedIn brings out new group functionality and adopts the Facebook Like Button

New Job: We're hiring a Staffing Admin/Junior Recruiter in Microsoft

This is a role working through our vendor CPL. Duration: July 1st 2010 – June 30th 2011 with possible extension

Job Description: Outstanding learning opportunity to be part of Microsoft’s world-class recruitment organization as a Recruitment Administrator working in a combined Administrative and Recruitment role supporting Microsoft Ireland’s Graduate Placement and Graduate Programmes. The primary objectives of this role will include providing day to day administrative support of the Graduate & Intern hiring process as well as recruitment responsibilities such as candidate selection, attending career events, and conducing HR Interviews. Administrative support will include applicant tracking, coordination of events, email communication with candidates, status updates, applicant tracking system updates, and various other administrative tasks related to University recruitment. This role provides a great opportunity for a talented Administrator to learn about Microsoft’s Business, hiring Graduate talent, and gain recruiting experience for broad Business and Software Engineering/Technical positions.

•Minimum 3+ years of experience working in administrative roles with a high level of attention to detail
•Exposure to recruiting/staffing including candidate selection/CV evaluation, interviewing, and client management.
•Excellent computer skills (Outlook, Excel, etc.) and ability to learn new tools quickly
•Good written and verbal communication skills with a passion for excellent customer service
•Ability to work in an ambiguous environment and problem solve under pressure
•Full-life cycle recruitment experience desired
•Previous experience supporting University/College recruitment activities desired
•Experience in providing Event Coordination/Logistics desired

To Apply: Please send your CV with a Cover Letter outlining how you map to these requirements and why you would be interested in this role to brynam@microsoft.com .


New Job: Digitial Group Recruitment Manager

Digicel's goal is to provide our customers with affordable and innovative mobile communications that fosters personal and professional connections between nations and people. Since our launch in 2001, Digicel has become the largest mobile telecommunications operator in the Caribbean and a recent new entrant to the Central American and Pacific mobile markets.

We are renowned amongst our customers for competitive rates, unbeatable coverage, superior customer care, a wide variety of products and services, innovative new technology and state-of-the-art handsets as well as community support and development.

On March 31, 2009 Digicel finished its last fiscal year with 8.2 million customers. We have operations in 26 markets in the Caribbean and Central America and Digicel Pacific Ltd, has operations in Papua New Guinea, Nauru, Samoa, Tonga, Fiji and Vanuatu. Digicel is present in 32 markets world-wide. We have recently been awarded a license in French Polynesia and the company is continually seeking new opportunities in the Pacific.
Digicel directly employs more than 6,000 people. We are the lead sponsor of Caribbean sports teams including the West Indies cricket team, Special Olympics teams across the Caribbean, the Haitian and El Salvador Football Federations amongst others. We are also the title sponsor of the Digicel Caribbean Championships and the Central American equivalent, Copa de Naciones Digicel, which are both important qualifiers towards the CONCACAF Gold Cup. Digicel is proud sponsor of rugby across the South Pacific including; Fiji Rugby, Digicel Fiji 7's, the Digicel Cup, Manu Samoa and the Digicel Suva Rugby Festival.

For more information please visit www.digicelgroup.com/ or www.digicelpacific.com/

The Digicel Recruitment Manager will work as part of a team to handle all aspects of the recruitment cycle for Digicel Group Headquarters in Jamaica as well as 32 markets across the Caribbean, Central America and South Pacific. This role reports directly to the Group Head of Recruitment and will be based in Kingston, Jamaica.

Main responsibilities will include:
•Building relationships with business and HR to understand business objectives to inform recruitment objectives.
•Modelling customer service approach to business relationships.
•Filling vacancies against rigorous time, quality and service demands, prioritising critical and "difficult to fill" roles – ensuring all work is delivered to acceptable and agreed time cost and quality measures.
•Partnering with the business to source, screen and select talent for current and future opportunities in Digicel.
•Utilising and developing innovative sourcing strategies to attract high quality applications from a wide range of sources – both locally and internationally where required
•Driving use of e-recruitment methodologies to achieve best practice to recruitment team.
•Providing quality screening and selection service to hiring managers – including CV screening, telephone screening, shortlisting and behavioural based interviewing.
•Acting as a subject matter expert of industry market and
•Handling salary negotiations and job offers that involve selling the candidate.
•Managing agreed KPIs for own area(s) of responsibility.

You will have a Degree-level education, excellent customer focus skills, with a proven ability to build strong relationships and influence decisions. A passion for recruiting and knowledge of a wide variety of direct sourcing methodologies is important combined with excellent interviewing and assessment skills. As a collaborative team member, you will identify opportunities – and contribute new and innovative ideas - to improve the efficiency of the Digicel talent acquisition process. You must be results focused, with a commitment to measuring progress through agreed KPIs and recruiting metrics. With at least 5 years recruiting experience, including executive recruitment, and a track record for delivering results, you are ready to broaden your horizons internationally. Fluency in French and/or Spanish would be beneficial.

In return, you will have the opportunity to work in a fast-paced, enterprising environment, where your skills will be valued and rewarded. Digicel recognizes our staff and management team are largely responsible for our success to date. Digicel's unique culture is driven by an entrepreneurial style encapsulated by our Chairman, board of directors and management, all seasoned telecom executives and industry experts with vast experience in building, expanding and marketing mobile services globally.

If interested contact Colette Feeney: colette.feeney [@] digicelgroup.com


LinkUp and iPads

LinkUp, the job search engine that specialises in serving up “hidden” corporate jobs now has an iPad version of the site. The free app that launched last week is available on iTunes or via http://itunes.com/apps/jobsearchxl.

LinkUp’s iPad website says the app has the following features:
# Search job listings found only on company websites
# Basic and advanced search functionality
# Search jobs by keyword, location, company, or category
# Save jobs to Favorites and access Favorites via browser or feed reader
# View and reuse previous searches
# Receive email alerts when Favorite jobs are closed by the employer
# Create email alerts and get notifications when new jobs are posted
# Apply to job openings straight through the iPad
# Instantly email relevant jobs to yourself or friends
# Fluid interface that’s optimized for both portrait and landscape modes

iPhone 4 and iAD

I'm in San Fran today and passed the building where the Apple conference was on. I would have loved to been one of the lucky ones to get in to watch it live but alas it will have to be another time. As well as debuting the iPhone 4 which I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on the news that the iAd platform has got off to such a good start without officially launching yet is amazing. 60 million already!

This marks some clear lines between the iPhone and Google's Sprint EVO or Verizon’s Incredible (the two best Android-based phones out there).

iPhone is a head in a lot of categories when it comes to screen quality, battery life, sexiness, application choice, etc. However, when it comes to tethering the Evo let's you share your phone as a wifi hotspot and let's other devices use its data plans to surf the web. This is very cool for if I wanted to use my iPad for example on the train coming up from Waterford. Apple didn't mention tethering once. Also synch and is much better on Android. The iPhone has to be physically plugged in to sync the EVO does it wirelessly. No doubt, we'll see some of this come out from Apple soon and visa versa.


Irish Recruiters to try unlock the Swarm Badge

For those of you that haven't heard of Foursquare - you should check it out! It's the next Twitter a lot of folk are claiming. A big part of using Foursquare is unlocking badges and Irish Recruiters during its 29th of July Tweet Up is going to audaciously attempt to get 50 recruiters in the one location logging in at the same time to unlock the swarm! Who knows we might even get the prestigious super swarm badge some day!

To learn more and reserve a place go here to my Tweet Up page.


Reduce your phone calls with Skype using their iPhone and 3G

You can download it here. They're offering free Skype to Skype calls over 3G until the end of 2010. After that there'll be a small monthly charge.

Recruitment Job: In-house Recruitment Manager - Retail & Leisure Sector - Dublin

A new job in from Osborne Recruitment. Please contact Nikki.Waller@Osborne.ie if anyone interested or call 01-6384400. If anyone else has any other jobs they want to post let me know. Here is the information:

This international Retail & Leisure brand, undergoing significant international growth, currently requires an experienced Recruitment Manager to join their HR function. Initially, this is a six month contract which will entail an element of foreign travel.

As a project lead, you will provide expertise in ensuring proactive talent attraction to achieve the company’s growth objectives, with a particular emphasis on their Buying Department.

As Recruitment Manager you will manage all new positions within the Buying Dept, design and implement a campaign strategy, manage the resourcing budget, and manage the whole recruitment cycle through to offer stage. This will include conducting first line interviews, designing assessment days, providing accurate data on time/cost per hire and also continuously reviewing and improving the recruitment process. With an emphasis on direct sourcing, you will be proactive and innovative in your approach in sourcing talent in the market, whilst displaying true drive and enthusiasm. With strong candidate management skills you will have previous in-house recruitment in managing new openings and campaign management including volume recruitment. It will be highly beneficial if your previous experience has come from the Retail sector or a fast-paced customer focused environment. International Recruitment experience is also highly beneficial.

A strong market related package will be offered to the successful candidate, who must meet the selection criteria listed here.


New survery from TMP on how the recession has affecrted recruiters in Ireland

TMP Worldwide are currently carrying out a piece of research across Ireland & the UK to look at how the recession has affected recruiters and what organisations are doing to ensure they are ready for the predicted upturn.

The results will allow organisations to benchmark how they have fared in the downturn and where they stand in relation to future hiring needs. It is a telephone based interview that takes about 5 minutes and they will supply the white paper results to all participants around the end of July.

If you would like to take part please contact Dave Griffin at TMP Worldwide and they will call you back to run through the survey – dave.griffin@tmpw.ie

Also, Oracle currently have a vacancy for a contract recruiter - to learn more please contact Siobhan Corcoran at siobhan.corcoran@oracle.com


LinkedIn Deepens Integration with Twitter

It's been on the cards for a while that LinkedIn has been steadily trying to make its platform more social and interactive with users. LinkedIn integrated with Twitter a few months ago, allowing users to Tweet from the platform and pull Tweets into the network with a #in hashtag. In fact, over 1,000,000 users have tied their LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. And this year the network added the ability to “follow” companies, taking a page from both Twitter and Facebook. Today, LinkedIn is furthering its Twitter integration by allowing members to easily find and keep track of their LinkedIn connections on Twitter and more, essentially becoming a full-fledged client

Install the app here.


The King and Queen of Location Based Services

First fully functional ATS on the iPhone

Jobscience doing a great job and bringing us all one step closer to the cloud.

TwitJobSearch integrates video interviewing with Skype

With over 400 million individuals engaging with social media and over 500 million Skype users, TwitJobSearch has just introduced a product that facilitates the linking of Skype IDs to Twitter accounts and then allows them to be attached to job offers in Twitter.

Nearly 1 million unique job opportunities have been posted to Twitter in the last 30 days. This makes Twitter the largest job board in the world. TwitJobSearch uses semantic search technology to filter and index these job offers. The new feature allows job seekers to quickly find a job that suits them, attach their Twitter/Skype IDs to the job and to send a tweet to the recruiter notifying them that they've applied. The recruiter then simply clicks on the candidates Skype ID and can instantly be conducting a video interview. A job offer can be tweeted and a video interview commenced in under a minute. That could make TwitJobSearch the "world's fastest job search."


Facebook getting into location based world

Social-networking giant Facebook is planning to launch location-based status updates for users to compete with Foursquare, and big brands like McDonalds are queuing up to get involved.  This is a direct competitive play on not only FourSquare but on Gowalla and Brightkite as well.

Facebook, which boasts 400m users worldwide, is planning to launch location functionality for its users to compete with Foursquare and it could potentially monetise by allowing brands to put product information related to their venue.

I've been hunting for clear examples around the world as to how companies are using location based technology for recruitment but there is very few good examples on offer. If anyone knows of any please let me know.

Read more here.


Recruit Ireland first job board in Ireland to integrate Facebook's Like Button

Recruit Ireland once again showing that they are carefully watching technology's evolution and responding quickly to social media. This time in the form of Facebook's new Like Button feature which is set to change the web towars a new social semantic web. Well done. Early contender for an Irish Recruiters Hat Tip. Learn more in one of their recent blog posts here.


Facebook says "Social is at the center of the web"

Facebook is making an audacious ambitious shift on the web. At F8 this week, Mark Zuckerburg went through his vision of where search and the net is going. I've put a condensed version of the video down below. I completely agree. This is just not and over hyped advertising evagelisation. This time Facebook or showing us how they are going to make it a reality. Social will be at the center of the web - simple, get used to it and start thinking of how you can bend your business to it. Facebook is now going to offer a number of multiple connectors and widgets to get a new semantic socially centered new index in place. At the heart of this will be a new open API social graph. This is absolutely brillant. Facebook connecters and social graphs are going to start spreading hugely in the coming months. It's important to know that Facebook are not trying to own the web their cleverlly trying to create a new web that is more personalised, more smarter and more semantically aware. Facebook is begining to grow up. This is brillant and for me a huge shift in the evolution of search and the web.


New iPhone 4.0 - it's time to upgrade

It's time to get ready to upgrade your phone to the new iPhone 4.0. I know I'm going to trade up my current iPhone version. Also, who says you need to trade up your iPad for the 3G version. I have the first generation and I reckon I am going to use something like this to connect to the web while on the move.

Check out the following to see the new IPhone hardware.


Arithon becomes annual sponsor of Irish Recruiters

A big thanks to Roderick Smyth and Arithon for becoming an annual sponsor of Irish Recruiters. With a background in software development, Roderick founded web design company NSP in 1997 which was subsequently sold in June 2000. Following this, he co-founded Arithon, becoming CEO in 2005. The online Recruitment Software system is now used by almost 200 agencies across Europe, Middle East and Americas. Roderick is an avid technologist who has been immersed in recruitment technology for almost 10 years and has a keen interest in how technology affects recruitment. Roderick is also Managing Director to manufacturing group CSC (family owned) since 2007. As he kindly said, “I’m very excited to have an opportunity to participate in the direction of Irish Recruiters as I’ve been very impressed with Declan and the ethos on which he founded the group. It’s no surprise that membership has grown to over 1,000 members and I look forward to adding to the community to learning from the other members.” Roderick will be presenting at the up and coming Irish Recruiters Spring conference which I'm very much looking forward to. If you haven't already check out Arithon, here.

Win 3000 euro TrailFinders voucher with IE 8! I'd like that myself :)

Win a €3,000 Trailfinders vouchers and seven runner-up 53 Degree North vouchers of €500. Make your own IE8 video & upload it to our YouTube channel and the best one wins. Maybe someone out there can show how their using IE8 to recruit in a cool video to win the prize!

Check out the facebook site, here.


Google announces two Twitter updates

Yesterday Google came out with two Twitter updates worth checking out.

The first is a “replay” feature for public Twitter posts. Look for it as “Updates” on the left options sidebar. This feature is still rolling out, if you didn't hear about it already check here.

The second Twitter related feature comes out of Google Labs and is called Google Follow Finder; you can use it at http://www.followfinder.googlelabs.com/


Twitter buys Tweetie and iPhone OS 4,0

Looks like Twitter are modest enough to realise its failings and have at last gone out and bought Tweetie. Learn more here.

Looking forward to the new iPhone OS 4.0, the new folder functionality, added camera zooming and spell check are going to make my life a lot more easier.

Check out the video review from Cnet here:

And all last week while away I had a chance to play around with the Ipad and I like it alot. Ok, so it doesn't have multi-taking, it still isn't out with 3G functionality, which it will be soon, but it's still great value for 499 dollars for the 16 gig version and very handy on a plane in particular for long haul flights considering the amazing 10 hour battery life. In particular, I really like watching HD YouTube and reading books on it. So far i've downloaded the iBook app and Tweetdeck app built especially for the iPad and am enjoying the easy of use with both.

Check out the video review here:

On another note good to see the Irish econonmy getting some new jobs. Google is currently trying to hire 10 contract recruiters. If any of you out there, especially unemployed recruiters, have 3 years IT recrutiment experience and are interested, check out the roles here:  Suitable candidates can contact: stevengrant@google.com


ComputerJobs.ie optimises site for iPhone

Congratulations to Niall Kelly of ComputerJobs.ie who has recently launched a new optimised iPhone mobile version of their site. This is a very good example of a job board in Ireland realising the importance of providing a much cleaner and intuitive UI for mobile users rather than just leaving visitors come to their standard web site through a mobile browser. 

What's interesting with the approach that ComputerJobs.ie have taken is to make the dashboard very simpe which I think looks great and they also have created a LinkedIn group which they are driving traffic to in an attempt to create a talent community for the IT Irish industry.

Other news on the hiring front for recruiters, especially those who have recently been made unemployed or will be soon, Google and Facebook are still hiring contracter recruiters. Check out their web site if you are looking for work in this space.


LinkedIn set up European HQ in Dublin and continue to innovate

In another coup for Ireland Inc LinkedIn have decided to set up their European HQ in Dublin. See here for more detail. This is great news and is a clear signal of their intent to expand into Europe. More than likely you can expect like Facebook and Google a European Operations/Sales type facility to be its main focus but time will tell.

Also, I see on their blog that they also have released a new version of their Iphone app here as well as new innovatiion with real-time profiling matching now out in beta-format, learn more here.

Any bets on when Twitter will set up their European HQ in Dublin? Anyone take 2 to 1 for a fiver, before 2011? :)


Twitter List for Irish Recruiters - It's time we create one! And don't forget to take the Twitter Poll!

In the last few months it looks like there has been an explosion of recruiters in Ireland using Twitter. Here are some of the handles I know of. Please add yours if you aren't on the list already to the discussion I started in the Irish Recruiters LinkedIn Group. Even if you are on the list already but know of handles that are not on it please go in and add them as a comment. Will be interesting to see the category breakdown for example how many or employers versus agencies versus job boards, etc.

@cplhr @cplmarketing @marketingeire @irishrecruit @cplitsupport @CPLMultilingual @careerscoacheu @cplhealtcare @janrosa @RecruitmentSoft @FrankBrown @MedicalJobsIRL @VantageLtd @EDENRecruitment @CareersRegister @medicaljobsguru @permjobs @selectpeople @ScienceIreland @mynewcv @irish_jobs @Jobs2Ireland @Workyworks @jobsdotie @Flexitimer @TalentTank @recruitireland @RecruitDirect

If you are looking for hashtag to discuss all things recruitment in Ireland, feel free to use #irishrecruiters like a lot of us at the moment.

If you get a chance please add yourself to my members list: http://twitter.com/irishrecruiters/members

Once we get a comprehensive list in place I'll try categorise the list, put it in an excel sheet and send it out to those whose handles are on the list. This report will be particularly useful to find out what recruiters are specialising in specific disciplines and will allow you a means to form wider and deeper micro-twitter groups to drive conversation in your own specialism's.

Finally, give me your best guess as to how many recruiters in Ireland have a professional Twitter account by taking the poll http://polls.linkedin.com/p/81625/zkdsr I’ll circle back in a few months with what I think the answer actually is.

Twitter's new @anywhere platform

Twitter are taking on Facebook Connect with their own new service called @anywhere. This is another step towards integration with the web and a number of 3rd parties like eBay, Digg, Salesforce.com, Bing and much more are queuing up for a piece of the action.

Basically what is does is when you visit a website that supports @anywhere, you’ll be able to follow any Twitter account associated with that site without navigating away to the profile at Twitter.com. The Twitter blog suggests that the platform will let you follow a participating journalist from his or her byline. It also suggests that you’ll be able to tweet about a YouTube video without interrupting it.

Twitter says the above-mentioned items are are “just the beginning.” Integrating with the rest of the web is a wise move and I'm looking forward to learn more about it in mid April when they say they'll be letting the world know more.


Microsoft Turn Skin Into Touch Screens

I'm fascinated with UIs and one that I have been paying close attention to for quite some time is skin-touch-technology. When you think maybe 5 to 10 years out about what kind of devices I could be carrying in my pockets while I walk down Grafton Street after a week's busy work on my way home it quite easily could be something like a small wireless transmitter, maybe in jewelry format, and a small camera and pointer device, like a small plaster on your index finger. 

In Microsoft we've been looking at this space very carefully and doing a lot of innovation of our own. We've recently developed a technology to turn your skin into a touch screen and make this once theoretical idea a reality. Users wear the "Skinput" device strapped around the top of the arm which projects a screen onto the hand or forearm.

The technology transforms skin into an input interface by using acoustic signals that travel through the body to track touch and movement. PHD student Chris Harrison developed the technology and believes it could replace touch screen phones in the future. Here's what he had to say in a recent article I read.

"Your palms could do everything an iPhone could do. If you consider your palm and fingers provide about as much surface area as an iPhone screen, you might begin to wonder if we shouldn't just use that as the touch screen surface."

So let's say your doing a recruitment podcast you could just tap your fingers to start recording, change the volume, or pause the set up. Likewise, if you are typing a discussion topic for Irish Recruiters, maybe you just type the words on your arm and push your thumb and index finger together to post it.  Although the prototype is still in its testing stage, this technology will probably make it to market some day in the not to distant future.

More to come soon. We are entering the SENSE ECONOMY!

I'll be talking more about what I think the sense econoomy is and why I think it is important to watch  in up and coming Irish Recruiters newsletters.


Windows 7 new phone on the way and the App Wars have a new edition

Just checked out some of the new features coming in the new Windows 7 phone and they look impressive. You can check out some of what's in store in the video below. More to come soon.

Also as the App Wars raging on, interesting to see Google open up its own market place yesterday. You can learn more here.


First iPhone recruitment app hits the market !!!

The last month I've been away getting married and on honeymoon but I'm back now as of Sunday and looking forward to catching up with what has been happening in the world of recruitment and technology in Ireland. From what I can see there has been lots happening!

First off congratulations to txtajob.ie for launching Ireland's first recruitment iPhone app. It's great to see such innovation taking place and I applaud their creativity. I haven't had a chance to download it or play around with it yet but it looks impressive from some of the UI screen shots I've seen so far.Simple, slick and easily navigatable like all good apps should be.

As Derek O'Neill, director of txtajob.ie let me know, "The online and mobile platform, Txtajob.ie, which provides job seekers with relevant job vacancy alerts via mobile phone, has launched Ireland’s first recruitment iPhone application. The txtajob.ie app has been exclusively developed by iMobile and is their second application to launch in the first 8 weeks of operation. The first app for java/symbian phones is compatible with over 92% of all mobile phone handsets currently in use in Ireland.(you can download this one by texting “mobile” to 51000 or by pressing on the green phonie widget on the txtAjob website). Additional features of the new iPhone application are its direct link with txtAjob’s social networking sites including Facebook,Twitter and you tube and a live link to provide up to the minute updates on new job(s) postings. You can down load it here.

Well done Derek and I'm really looking forward to checking it our further. You can get the press release here.

Also, congratulations to Sonru for winning the Bank of Ireland Bright Ideas Challenge Grand Final. You can learn more about what it entails and the prize they won here. Great to see another Irish home grown company constantly pushing the boundaries of recruitment innovation and going from strength to strength.


Hays supports Irish Recruiters with Annual Sponsorship

Hays are one of the world’s leading experts in recruiting qualified, professional and skilled people across a wide range of industries and sectors. They operate in 27 territories across the globe. Established in Ireland since 1996, they cover the length and breadth of the country through offices in Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Galway. Hays have a real depth of expertise and industry insights and provide a full range of recruitment services from Contingency, Search, Managed Service and full RPO.

The recruitment market is experiencing unprecedented change. The market will always ebb and flow, but it is the changes in technology, and how society uses that technology, that will have the more lasting impact on our sector. For that reason, Hays have agreed a Sponsorship arrangement with Irish Recruiters. Managing Director of Hays, Richard Eardley, “We see clear congruence between our corporate strategy of developing a depth and breadth of expertise in the industry with Irish Recruiters drive to improve skills in the industry, particularly through embracing technology and technological change. We look forward to working with and supporting the group as it grows and develops in the future.”

Interestingly, they also have a new position they are recruiting for: Online Marketing Specialist (based in Dublin city centre). Here's what they had to say about the position:

We’re looking for an Online Marketing Specialist to work for a FTSE 250 global brand in the city centre of Dublin. If you know why we’ve repeated the job title Online Marketing Specialist you sound like the type of person we’re looking for. You’ll get the chance to use your digits to raise their digits online. You must get a kick out of writing content, devising and optimising pages for a site with over a million hits a month.

HTML, PPC, SEO, should have been part of your daily life for two years while you were tweeting, blogging and gaining friends, followers and group members. It might be fun, but it’s serious business as well. We want to see you can do this in a corporate environment and bring a positive return on investment.

If you’re salivating at the thought of the iPad, have thoughts on the future of mobile marketing and basically just love digital marketing, you’ll need to be able to convince senior management of its value.

Please send your CV to stephen.flanagan@hays.com


Tweetdeck and TwitterJobSearch join forces to create JobDeck and new Irish Recruiters Plus Newsletter on the way

You can find the update here. The Jobdeck product allows users to:
  • track recruitment news (via leading bloggers and HR professionals)
  • access data from the only global real-time job-search engine
  • integrate LinkedIn for your professional contacts
  • preview short URLs from the comfort of JobDeck
  • update their Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn status and track updates from their industry peers
  • follow real-time updates from leading professional blogs and Twitter accounts
  • add, create and manage Twitter Lists 
  • avoid Twitter spam with TweetDeck's spam button
  • make use of dozens of other essential tools all from one simple client 

For those "recruitment geeks" that signed up for the  Irish Recruiters Plus Newsletter (IR+) i'm working on writing the second edition of IR+ which will be out in the next week and I will be sending you a lot more stuff that I am watching and thinkering around with that hopefully will helping you become more creative and productive. It's a bit like my own personal info stream reguritated from around the world with a little bit of commentary thrown in. It's probably 100s of articles, videos, posts and tweets I read distilled to the best 25/30 that catch my attention.

Some of the things that I have been sharing in this edition of IR+ are:

  • What is the new people search engine that is catching my attention?
  • What is the new tool for key word identification to help with PPC and SEO recruitment campaigns?
  • What's the new way to use Google Reader to track competitive information?
  • Do you know what .me is all about?
  • What podcaster who advertises jobs just came out with a new video distribution service?
  • Want your tweets on Google?
  • Want to here some of the latest from the mobile technology world?
  • Find out what point 8 it social Darwinism when setting up an enterprise social media strategy?
  • Want to know how to search twitter bios with a cool Boolean string?
 And there's plenty more... for those who signed up - thanks - and I hope you enjoy the newsletter, all feedback welcome.


Monster launch new iPhone app in UK market and plan for one in Ireland soon

I got a mail from one of Monster's directors this morning explaining that their new iPhone app for the UK market is now out. While not disclosing a specific date one will also come out specifically for the Irish market very soon.  It could very well be the first recruitment iPhone app in the market! You can learn more  here!


Annual Subscription Now Closed and Bose Acoustic Headphones

Just back from Microsoft Redmond and a very educational trip! On this occassion it was a bit of an ordeal getting there and back. Instead of the normal flight from London straight to Seattle I had to be redirected to O'Hare and Chicago which added 4 extra hours to my flight.  Coming back from London to Dublin was also problematic with a 3 hour delay. However, packed with some Altoids curiously strong cinnamon mints, my new Bose acoustic noise cancelling headphones (which Santa gave me), a copy of the excellent "Don't Sleep, There Are Snakes", by Daniel Everett, ( review and purchase) and last but not least some sleeping pills it all turned out swimmingly in the end.

We all know there is a lot of exciting things happening in the world of recruitment with social media and social computing. On this visit I got to learn about Microsoft's 3 year strategy in this space and how from an enterprise approach  how to start planning for the deployment of a very innovative global social recruitment strategy that integrats with some complex internal databases, our career site, and a number of centres of excellences such as work force planning, staffing marketing and central sourcing, not to mention about 70 different recruitment teams around the world! I'll be on point for deploying our solutions in LATAM, MEA and India and am looking forward to getting out to those regions,  partnering with our business leaders and recruitment teams and helping to evangelise and educate our partners. It's going to be a very busy 2010.

I've just had a chance to check my Irish Recruiters mail and want to say a big thanks to those who signed up to the subscription program (for those who didn't - who knows maybe you'll take part next year). The one recruiter who got their subscription in at 11pm today; I hope I didn't ruin your evening and you had to run home from the pub :) Thanks again. Your commitment and support will help me a lot as I plan for the year ahead. Now that your part of the program you'll be getting your IR+ newsletters. I intend putting a lot of energy into this so there'll be some great content.  It will be focused very much on the true "recruitment geeks" out there!