BeKnown and Google + - Are we at the end of Social 1.0

Monster have entered the professional networking world with a quasi LinkedIn Branch Out facebook app.

Here's some interesting commentarty from John Bersin.

Check out the videos!

I wonder how many people will give it go!?! Get ready for Google's Plus in the social world in the coming hours!?! I'm on the white list for their new Google Plus one offering and I'm looking forward to playing with it. The social netowork era is firmly upon us, just in case any of you doubted it! Who can create the glue though - who can create social 2.0! Who will provide insights to the new data curves and graphs being compiled? Will we see an Irish job board come out with a similar facebook app to create an Irish professional network of choice on the FB platform?! What about more specific skill set variants. You should come to the next Irish Recruiters Tuesday Club on the 26th of July where we will discuss all the above?


Do you know what a LinkedIn Hack Day is?

As you can imagine there is a lot of exciting innovation taking place in LinkedIn on a daily basis! There is constant improvements and new functionality being released from our  "pod" teams working on a rich variety of roadmap initiatives. A good way for you to get a glimpse into the culture and passion of the people at the company is to check out our Hack Days! This will give you an idea of some of the amazing work some of our engineers and product folk produce typically in one day!

If any of you have any cool ideas how LinkedIn can improve their products or create a "hack" :) for our platform, drop me a mail declan.fitzgerald@gmail.com and don't forget to check out LinkedIn Labs which I'll be talking more about at our next Tuesday Club in a few weeks!