Change in legislation for recruitment agencies in Ireland

In an attempt to get rid of some of the rogue recruitment agencies in the country it looks like the government has got some of their negotiations wrong with the unions, read here.

First the e-voting scandal, now the agency negotiation issue, will be interesting to see how Minister Cullen performs in his new office in the cming years!


Germany powering ahead. The French still wary to hire!

Here's an interesting article on the European Envy Effect. If you want to know more about Germany's continuing amazing comeback and a little on some of the issues facing the French economy, read here.

Hands up who likes Oasis's classic Wonder Wall song

Well here's another type of wonder wall, from Blinkx, but this time a meta-wall that allows your multi-visualize the videos that are presently out there in the meta-universe.


JobTonic and Facebook

My apologies for being away so long I was travelling the world with Microsoft where I went to Shanghai, Beijing and Hyderabad in India to learn about our recruitment challenges. Well, I'm back again so let the blogging begin.

This week I wanted to draw your attention to JobTonic which is an interested new referral site for the public. It's a little like H3 in the US. What I like about Job Tonic is it has already reacted to creating an API to fastly growing Facebook.