Matching technology has arrived but still has along way to go

When will the job boards be competed against with a disruptive technology. Will Google or Microsoft get into the job market some day? Probably not for some time! They have bigger fish to fry for the moment. But there are a lot of other recruitment minds thinking about how they can leap frog the job boards. one company that has caught my eye of late is Real Match.com. This is the first technology that replaces keywrod searching with a profile-matching model that has a cool proprietary algorithms to match candidates with recruiters behind it.

What I like about this technology is it is the first proper "matching" technology that I have seen and the first step towards my predictions around how XML may help change the way we recruit in the future in the screenplay I wrote called the "Flat CV" back in 2005. The technology also offers real time search results that grade and ilter candidates according to how well a profile matches an employers JD profile.

Seems like we have a company who is truely embrassing the concept of quality not quantity which is refreshing!