PodCasting for The European Development Centre

Hi Guys,

Last night I did my first PodCast. Sitting in the comfort of my own home I dialled into a conference call using my Skype connection and my saucer size, super cool, and super comfy, Samsung headphones. Ian Dixon, creator and owner of the successful Media Centre PodCast Show interviewed me for 15 minutes on what Microsoft was doing for the recruitment of the new European Development Centre. We talked about the setting up of the EDC, the new jobs being created and the curent hot jobs we are recruiting for. His show currently has 40,000 people from all over the world listening. This market he explained is predominately made up of developers and highly tech savvy individuals. The exact audience I have been trying to get my key recruitment messages out to.

For those of you that don't know PodCast's effectively provides “free radio” to very targeted communities. Think of it like a radio blog. By recording a live stream in mpeg format, with the help of some very simple, audio and editing equipment, any individual, can set up, record, edit and reposit a conversation on the Net. Then give people and communities access to the content. You'll hear a lot more about PodCasts in the near future. I suggest you start exploring and listening to some when you get a chance. They're free, focused and fun! If you've never heard of PodCasting or if you are unsure of what it is check out: here

You can listen to the interview we had here . It will be live in a week’s time so hopefully it will drive some candidates to our website!!!