Yahoo and the "Region" command

All too often Yahoo is neglected by recruiters when sourcing directly and it really shouldn't be as it is one of the biggest indexes that exists on the planet and spider and indexs differently to that of Google and Live.

Recently, Yahoo introduced it's "region" command. The syntax when searching for candidates would look a little like this

region:"continent" intitle:resume "keyword"

For example, if you are looking for resumes of a Auditor in Europe, your search string will be

region:europe intitle:resume auditor -sample -apply -jobs

Happy Hunting


Smart Phone Use Still Along Way To Go in Ireland

Im still on my holidays at the moment down in Brazil and have an announcement to make. I got ENGAGED!

But even in the depths of ceremonial forethoughts and chiming wedding bells Ive still felt the need to scatch my itch and tune back into what is happing in the technology and recruitment worlds.

A central pillar of cloud recruiting will be mobility and mobiles. There is an interesting article in the Irish Times today which gives an insight to where the nation is with smart mobiles.

Get ready for Facebook, LinkedIn and Skype ready affordable Smart Phones. Its coming to the masses soon.

You can catch it here.