YouTube -Video CVs and ZunePhones

I read an interesting article on the ever informative and entertaining ERE web site that got me thinking. Make sure you read it and have a look at Aleksy Vayner’s video resume!!! Interesting young man!!! While not in vogue at the moment it will be interesting to see how this new application channel picks up. In 5 years time it may well be the norm to listen to candidates' podcast CVs and inspect their video resumes. At that stage we should able to port our ZunePhone or iPhones to our application tracking system to pull in our daily candidate RSS feeds which will allow us watch pre screened video resumes that match our search criteria on our train ride home.


The Nework expands to the Middle East

For those of you interested in recruiting from the Middle East, TotalJobs.com and Stepstone’s creation and Monster rival - The Network – keeps growing and has just expanded their recruitment capacity with their recent partnership with Bayt.com. To learn more read here. It’s interesting to see that Google are advertising some of their Irish client service jobs there already.

The Network is now the largest formal alliance of market leading recruitment websites globally offering coverage in 53 countries.


Apply for a job through your mobile phone

Mobiljob is a revolutionary new job board that gives every person who owns a mobile phone access to you current job openings.It is unique in that potential candidates can search, view and apply to your current vacancies all through their mobile phones, therefore taking the need for PC access out of the equation. Mobiljob is the only job board that sits on all the networks in Ireland and is the only recruitment solution of its kind in Europe. I'm not too sure if recruiters or job seekers will go for this... I personally wouldn't. I think RSS is still the new technology to beat. Mobile phones may act as an agregator for your feed in the future but forking out on a hefty priced text when you have free or low cost access to the Internet I don't think is the way the m-recruitment industry will take flight.