Irish Jobs, Monster and Recruit Ireland have a new friend on the block

Just when you thought there wasn't enough space on the Irish job baord scene for another player we see the entry of three niche platforms under the one umbrella: SaleJob.ie, ComputerJobs.ie and AdminJobs.ie. As I predicted along time ago the increase of niche job boards with detailed business RSS feeds and topical discussion may arise and begin to erode into the bigger job baords revenue. There is still a huge opportunity in the market to create niche portal sites with job opportunity for very specific niches. I wonder when we are going to see HRjobs.ie, C++jobs.ie and NursesJobs.ie, the list is almost endless!

FaceBook get's its own operating system

It's impressive to see how FaceBook is evolving into an advertrising platform that allows companies operating its own advertising campaigns from within their own platform... here's the article, it's interesting to see not only the job boards being highly competitive but also the social networks rowing in and keeping the online networking and connection market very interesting. They are squashing MySpace and are on the way to an interesting IPO proposition in the not so distant future.


Google interviews - the long slow spit

When I was a kid I used always let a spit hang slowly from my mouth and then at the very last moment when it was going to drop off my tongue into oblivion I'd slurp it back up in a big heaving lung pulling upwarding flowing vortex. It took quite a bit of skill and a huge amount of patience to perfect the technique!!!

It sounds like listening to Jeff Barr an evangelist at Amazon on their Web Services team explain about his interview day in Google and the barage of emails he's been getting from Google recrutiers that are canvassing him despite the fact that he did not want to join them signifies again that having PATIENCE is a big RED BULLET POINT you need on the top of your CV if you are to successfully get through an interview in Google and get an offer. Read the article hear.



Microsoft buys minority stake in Career Builder

Watch this space... will Microsoft enter the job baord market? Read the update here.