Alas poor Teoma i knew him well

Teoma is gone or should i say integrated with Ask.com! It used to be that i used 4 search engines when searching for candidates now we are down to three: see article


Microsoft gets better at search

Today I came across Microsoft's new Window's Live beta search site. It's a vast improvement on the old MSN UI and the new toolbar albeit it Beta version has some new tools worth checking out like the Onfolio tab, phishing filter and the ability to subscribe to RSS feeds directly from search results. While the raw horse power is not in the backend to compete with the present incumbent search champions it is a significant step in the right direction to win back some market ground. In particular, for recruitment purposes the new macro functionality and feeder functionality may help with complex string searches. I've tried it and like it. The UI is impressive and the integration work with the other bundled Live services provide for interesting debate in the Google Pack versus Windows Live Bundle debate. Try it.