New Sourcers Network

It's been a very relaxing Christmas with lots of swimming, food, films and fun!

I'm now looking already to 2008 and one thing I have decided to do for the year is slowly work at bringing the community of Irish recruiters out there with a passion for sourcing closer together. Hopefuuly, let's see. These type of things are notoriusly hard to do when you ahve 15 reqs open! :) In a humble attempt I've set up Ireland's first sourcing society [which one of my close colleagues has joint yet. She knows who she is :)! ]. To join the society you will have to go to http://irishrecruiters.ning.com/ and answer some of the simple questions at the start to register. If joining please put a photo at least an avator if you are to shy to put your own picture. The network hopefully will be a great place to learn more about sourcing and will facilitate and questions and answers forum for people to ask their questions which hopefully the community will comment on. On this social network I will also write the occassional blog entry... so if you liked some of the articles switch over if you want to keep reading.