Irish Saon Group is (IrishJobs.ie) expanding internationally again!

The Irish Saongroup has been flashing the cash again... This time, they've bought MyJob a Mauritian job board. This is hot the heels of last years expansion into In Southern Africa after last year’s acquisition of P-Net.

The island in the Indian Ocean has 1.2 million inhabitants and their economy will be the first country “to become the first nation to have coast-to-coast wireless internet access”...interesting move!


"Scary New Competition for Monster" - Business Week

So there is a debate raging in the US at the moment about whether or not employers are getting screwed over by the good old "pay-to-post" job board model. Is it good enough to pay for a posting and to HOPE that someone will respond to you that fits the bill. Should not the model be pay-for-performance? Enter RealMatch with a brand new model and way of doing things.

Is it time that Monster, IrishJobs, RecruitIreland, JObs,ie and the other take note and beging to give us something new that provides with better matching technology that currently exists. I wonder which one of them will stand up to the test. If RecruitIreland or Jobs.ie can do it and do it well we may have a new big dog in town to usurp IrishJobs off its top mantle here in the Emerald Isle!


Flexible Executives - could this cool idea work in Ireland?

Flexible Executive is an interesting niche agency in Atlanta US that caught my attention this w/end. At its core what it does is connect executives that have family responsibilities e.g. parents who manage from home autistic children, with firms that have specific projects that let them work from home while at the same time allowing them maintain flexibility around work-force balance. I'm not sure if Ireland has a big enough market to support this model but hats off and great idea.


This Week in Recruitment

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