Facebook says "Social is at the center of the web"

Facebook is making an audacious ambitious shift on the web. At F8 this week, Mark Zuckerburg went through his vision of where search and the net is going. I've put a condensed version of the video down below. I completely agree. This is just not and over hyped advertising evagelisation. This time Facebook or showing us how they are going to make it a reality. Social will be at the center of the web - simple, get used to it and start thinking of how you can bend your business to it. Facebook is now going to offer a number of multiple connectors and widgets to get a new semantic socially centered new index in place. At the heart of this will be a new open API social graph. This is absolutely brillant. Facebook connecters and social graphs are going to start spreading hugely in the coming months. It's important to know that Facebook are not trying to own the web their cleverlly trying to create a new web that is more personalised, more smarter and more semantically aware. Facebook is begining to grow up. This is brillant and for me a huge shift in the evolution of search and the web.


New iPhone 4.0 - it's time to upgrade

It's time to get ready to upgrade your phone to the new iPhone 4.0. I know I'm going to trade up my current iPhone version. Also, who says you need to trade up your iPad for the 3G version. I have the first generation and I reckon I am going to use something like this to connect to the web while on the move.

Check out the following to see the new IPhone hardware.


Arithon becomes annual sponsor of Irish Recruiters

A big thanks to Roderick Smyth and Arithon for becoming an annual sponsor of Irish Recruiters. With a background in software development, Roderick founded web design company NSP in 1997 which was subsequently sold in June 2000. Following this, he co-founded Arithon, becoming CEO in 2005. The online Recruitment Software system is now used by almost 200 agencies across Europe, Middle East and Americas. Roderick is an avid technologist who has been immersed in recruitment technology for almost 10 years and has a keen interest in how technology affects recruitment. Roderick is also Managing Director to manufacturing group CSC (family owned) since 2007. As he kindly said, “I’m very excited to have an opportunity to participate in the direction of Irish Recruiters as I’ve been very impressed with Declan and the ethos on which he founded the group. It’s no surprise that membership has grown to over 1,000 members and I look forward to adding to the community to learning from the other members.” Roderick will be presenting at the up and coming Irish Recruiters Spring conference which I'm very much looking forward to. If you haven't already check out Arithon, here.

Win 3000 euro TrailFinders voucher with IE 8! I'd like that myself :)

Win a €3,000 Trailfinders vouchers and seven runner-up 53 Degree North vouchers of €500. Make your own IE8 video & upload it to our YouTube channel and the best one wins. Maybe someone out there can show how their using IE8 to recruit in a cool video to win the prize!

Check out the facebook site, here.


Google announces two Twitter updates

Yesterday Google came out with two Twitter updates worth checking out.

The first is a “replay” feature for public Twitter posts. Look for it as “Updates” on the left options sidebar. This feature is still rolling out, if you didn't hear about it already check here.

The second Twitter related feature comes out of Google Labs and is called Google Follow Finder; you can use it at http://www.followfinder.googlelabs.com/


Twitter buys Tweetie and iPhone OS 4,0

Looks like Twitter are modest enough to realise its failings and have at last gone out and bought Tweetie. Learn more here.

Looking forward to the new iPhone OS 4.0, the new folder functionality, added camera zooming and spell check are going to make my life a lot more easier.

Check out the video review from Cnet here:

And all last week while away I had a chance to play around with the Ipad and I like it alot. Ok, so it doesn't have multi-taking, it still isn't out with 3G functionality, which it will be soon, but it's still great value for 499 dollars for the 16 gig version and very handy on a plane in particular for long haul flights considering the amazing 10 hour battery life. In particular, I really like watching HD YouTube and reading books on it. So far i've downloaded the iBook app and Tweetdeck app built especially for the iPad and am enjoying the easy of use with both.

Check out the video review here:

On another note good to see the Irish econonmy getting some new jobs. Google is currently trying to hire 10 contract recruiters. If any of you out there, especially unemployed recruiters, have 3 years IT recrutiment experience and are interested, check out the roles here:  Suitable candidates can contact: stevengrant@google.com