Twitter buys Tweetie and iPhone OS 4,0

Looks like Twitter are modest enough to realise its failings and have at last gone out and bought Tweetie. Learn more here.

Looking forward to the new iPhone OS 4.0, the new folder functionality, added camera zooming and spell check are going to make my life a lot more easier.

Check out the video review from Cnet here:

And all last week while away I had a chance to play around with the Ipad and I like it alot. Ok, so it doesn't have multi-taking, it still isn't out with 3G functionality, which it will be soon, but it's still great value for 499 dollars for the 16 gig version and very handy on a plane in particular for long haul flights considering the amazing 10 hour battery life. In particular, I really like watching HD YouTube and reading books on it. So far i've downloaded the iBook app and Tweetdeck app built especially for the iPad and am enjoying the easy of use with both.

Check out the video review here:

On another note good to see the Irish econonmy getting some new jobs. Google is currently trying to hire 10 contract recruiters. If any of you out there, especially unemployed recruiters, have 3 years IT recrutiment experience and are interested, check out the roles here:  Suitable candidates can contact: stevengrant@google.com