New Facebook SEO tool and 4 new recruitment jobs to check out

I recently played around with Facebook Ads and placed a few ads for a friends business I was helping out with. Up until now Facebook has been lacking a tool of the quality of Google Keywords's Tool. However, I just heard about a new tool called Cash Keywords Pro that looks like it is now the first Facebook keyword tool that does a really good job. Using both tools I was able to get a much better data set of words to chose from to purchase. Check out the video to learn more.

On the job front:

Hays are hiring people in Australia (Perth and Melbourne) here

Principal HR have an IT recruiter position open here.

Salesforce also looking for a recruiter: here 

Accenture also hiring experienced recruiter to work with its Management and Technology Consulting practices. To apply you can contact: Jean.m.flavin@accenture.com