Ever have too many tabs in your life

I'm constantly looking for ways to speed up my productivity - anything no matter how big or small. It could be a new macro that you write in Bing to automate a search, a new alert you create to track a certain feed or hastag, it could be how I take advantage of the new 10gb email attachement functionality in the new windows live hotmail client to share files with friends or member of Irish Recruiters, or, it could be as simple as how I manage my tabs in my broswers more effectively on Firefox.

That's where Tab Candy comes in. This reminds me a little like the new bunching functionality for apps on the the new iPhone O/S that saves me a lot of time scrolling from page to page. Like that Tab Candy allows you cluster your tabs and then place them in easily accessible locations. Just one of many extensions that is helping me win the race for inches and seconds and helps me get out of the office that little bit earlier and off the grid that little more often.

Im looking forward to learning more about the next release of the project with co-browsing and extensibility high on the development teams functionality road map.