Some new recruitment opportunities and and impressive free social media analytics tool

What social media analytic tools do you use? One of the main ones we use in Microsoft is Radion 6 which I have talked about before at some of the Irish Recruiter conferences. This is one of the more costly approaches to take and a number of free analytical tools exist in the market depending on what you are tying to do: Bit.ly, Feedburner, Xefer, Twittercounter.com, etc

One that has caught my attention from a recent blog post on their site on the 26th of August from the ShareThis team was there new Social Reach and Indexing tool, you can learn more here. You've probably seen the ubiquitous ShareThis logo everywhere but what is nice about this new tool is there is also share buttons in Social Reach that give a score for each location the buttons are presented and clicked on. Definintely worth investigating for those who are paying close attention to their analytics.

Here are some of the new recruitment roles out there at the moment:

Microsoft is looking for a technical recruiter on a 6 to 9 month contract with a view to extension. If interested contact Victoria on v-voddy@microsoft.com to learn more. The job is geared to hiring for the European Development Center which I worked on before, and the hiring managers are great to work for!

VM Ware in Cork are looking for a campus recruiter based in Cork for hiring from US universities and they are also looking for an in-house technical recruiter. To learn more contact Joe Hendry jhendry@vmware.com

Facebook continues to hire contract recruiters. If interested visit their JDs here: http://www.facebook.com/careers/#!/careers/department.php?dept=hr&req=145909365208 you need a Facebook account to access the role.