iPhone 4 and iAD

I'm in San Fran today and passed the building where the Apple conference was on. I would have loved to been one of the lucky ones to get in to watch it live but alas it will have to be another time. As well as debuting the iPhone 4 which I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on the news that the iAd platform has got off to such a good start without officially launching yet is amazing. 60 million already!

This marks some clear lines between the iPhone and Google's Sprint EVO or Verizon’s Incredible (the two best Android-based phones out there).

iPhone is a head in a lot of categories when it comes to screen quality, battery life, sexiness, application choice, etc. However, when it comes to tethering the Evo let's you share your phone as a wifi hotspot and let's other devices use its data plans to surf the web. This is very cool for if I wanted to use my iPad for example on the train coming up from Waterford. Apple didn't mention tethering once. Also synch and is much better on Android. The iPhone has to be physically plugged in to sync the EVO does it wirelessly. No doubt, we'll see some of this come out from Apple soon and visa versa.