Tweetdeck and TwitterJobSearch join forces to create JobDeck and new Irish Recruiters Plus Newsletter on the way

You can find the update here. The Jobdeck product allows users to:
  • track recruitment news (via leading bloggers and HR professionals)
  • access data from the only global real-time job-search engine
  • integrate LinkedIn for your professional contacts
  • preview short URLs from the comfort of JobDeck
  • update their Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn status and track updates from their industry peers
  • follow real-time updates from leading professional blogs and Twitter accounts
  • add, create and manage Twitter Lists 
  • avoid Twitter spam with TweetDeck's spam button
  • make use of dozens of other essential tools all from one simple client 

For those "recruitment geeks" that signed up for the  Irish Recruiters Plus Newsletter (IR+) i'm working on writing the second edition of IR+ which will be out in the next week and I will be sending you a lot more stuff that I am watching and thinkering around with that hopefully will helping you become more creative and productive. It's a bit like my own personal info stream reguritated from around the world with a little bit of commentary thrown in. It's probably 100s of articles, videos, posts and tweets I read distilled to the best 25/30 that catch my attention.

Some of the things that I have been sharing in this edition of IR+ are:

  • What is the new people search engine that is catching my attention?
  • What is the new tool for key word identification to help with PPC and SEO recruitment campaigns?
  • What's the new way to use Google Reader to track competitive information?
  • Do you know what .me is all about?
  • What podcaster who advertises jobs just came out with a new video distribution service?
  • Want your tweets on Google?
  • Want to here some of the latest from the mobile technology world?
  • Find out what point 8 it social Darwinism when setting up an enterprise social media strategy?
  • Want to know how to search twitter bios with a cool Boolean string?
 And there's plenty more... for those who signed up - thanks - and I hope you enjoy the newsletter, all feedback welcome.