Irish Recruiters Hat Tip Recruiter Of The Year Award Interview - Jan Rosa

Last night I had a lot of fun with Jan Rosa of Harvey Nash discussing technology and recruitment and some of the tools he is using in his daily job. Jan is one of the most technically savvy recruiters I have met in the Irish marketplace. After a quick discussion on technology related topics it's obvious to see that he comes from a technical background. What I like about Jan is his passion for recruitment innovation. He likes to self-learn, tinker and play with technology and is a definite cyber gypsy crafting new sourcing strategies constantly. He understands the software lifecycle in depth and is at home talking about "the stack", mobiles, servers, and a variety of coding languages.

I conducted a quick down an dirty amateur video interview with him and the below video provides some answers to questions such as:

Which he prefers Firefox, Chrome, Explorer or Safari?
Google, Bing or Yahoo?
What is his favourite phone?
Is he a cloud recruitment believer? and,
Why he likes Twitter?

And there was plenty of more that he shared which I'm sure a lot of Irish Recruiters will find very interesting.

Apologies for the poor lightening and terrible camera work but at least the audio is half decent! Tip: don't shoot film in bars at night with dodgy little handcams!

You can expect some more videos from some of the winners in the coming months which the individuals who subscribe to the the new Irish Recruiters newsletter will have access to.