Here are a few arcticles i've liked of late:

[1] The Guerrllia Guide to Interviewing. This is a good one to give a new hiring manager who is conducting techncial interviews. I like the premise around the idea, that interviewing is more an art than a system - and that finding SMART PEPOPLE, that GET THINGS DONE - is essentially the name of the game. Read it here.

[2] Don't miss the next strategic turn. This is an interesting arcticle worth scanning over. Yves Lermusiaux, president of Taleo X, talks about some of the recent trends surrounding coporate career sites for Fortune 500 companies in the US, he also poses some interesting questions around designing an integrated talented management system - a subject which we must master in Microsoft if we are to be applicant driven rather than systems driven.

I had a look at Yve's personal blog and it's good. If you look at the right hand column he has some interesting articles like: Accenture Finds Four of the Top Ten Executive Issues Fall Within HR. I like the way he has somw articles from AMR Research and Gartner and co. Some good credible research units.