intitle: tag in Hebrew

So i'm down in Israel at the moment doing some internet sourcing training and I learnt some very interesting things. This is for advanced cybersleuth aficonads...for those of you who want to know more let me know and we can set up a training session on the net or at your premisese :)

Hebrew is written right to left. You can use the intitle tag translated into Hebrew to do a traditional intitle:~cv search in Google however you confuse the engine when you try to write a string that has intitle in English and the word for CV in Hebrew which is a double word going right to left. You have to keep it one language or the other... this is not the case if you use the intitle with other languages which go left to right! So you can use a comnination of English and Russian or German but you can't do it with English and Hebrew. I wonder what it the situation in Arabic?