Mobile Phones and Social Networks

Mobile Phones will increasingly become the gateway for more people to access their social network site/s. Gen Ys addiction to mobile devices has meant that there is now a race on for small mobile devices to be the defacto access point for the Bebo and MySpaces of the world.

The number of users on these services is accelerating quickly - a new study by InStat is predicting that by 2012, there will be nearly 30 million "millennials" in the U.S. using a mobile social network of some sort, and a ComputerWorld report confirms that worldwide, that number will soar to 975 million by 2012.

The latest states I could lay my hands on now show that there is 4 billion mobile phone subscriptions on the planet, with an estimated 6 billion subscribers expected by 2013!

1 billion phones will be sold in emerging markets in the next 12 months! And as we all know our very own, Denis O'Brien continues to make huge head ways into Central America with his phones and new job boards. Nice mix of technologies Denis! If he adds some social networks to his portfolio he'll begin to muster Murdoch or Bellisconi like media power.

The mobile device is here to stay. What organisation will be the first in Ireland to learn how to master it Obama style and bend it towards their recruitment and marketing campaigns!

"The Future of Recruitment is the cloud" Happy Hunting!

Here are two very different videos to get you thinking! Africa is getting quickLy connected and not just APAC. The story of Bluepulse is pretty amazing. it's a company I'm tracking. Started in Australia, now located in YouTube's former offices, this social network for mobile users is hot and in the video you can meet Ben Keighran, CEO.