Coke, recruitment and Seattle!

Just had a great week of learning and brainstorming in Seattle. It's always a worthwhile trip to Redmond but always a little strange to see Microsoft's huge campuses with over 140 buildings housing approx 35,000 employees! It's like UCD campus multiplied by 5. This week I took part in some great discussion around where Microsoft is going to place some bets on their social media recruitment strategy. Exciting, innovative stuff! And big bold challenges ahead. Scalability, globalisation and localisation are all meaty topics that bring with them real challenges that we will need to think through carefully. More about all that in the future.

I'm now sitting in the British Airways lounge on the way home, sipping a coke, stairing at rain, reading some feeds, thinking about microchips being embedded in contact lenses, pondering on the "experience economy"  and burning some time. Here's some of the latest that has caught my attention.

Twitter about to hit 5bn tweets, here

Layar’s Reality Browser for the iPhone is finally available, here

Monster a bit late to the game but building social media presence, hiring using twitter @monsterhires

 Tweetdeck releases new functionality