LinkedIn *finally* opens its Apps Platform

I've been banging on about this for sometime so it came as no suprise to me when like, Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn have decided to create a development platform. Expect lots of amazing cool new apps to appear.  In Facebook's case we got FarmVille and Facebook Connect. I've lost count of the number of Twitter Apps out there - it seems to be well into the thousands.

LinkedIn is clearly trying to recreate their success. Their launch today of LinkedIn Platform, marks a watershed in the company's development. They now have opened up external applications to use LinkedIn's data.  TweetDeck have been super quick to the game and will be launching LinkedIn integration this week which I'm looking forward to playing with.

I'm delighted to see this happen!!! With social media now permeating most businesses, and having waited the extra year to make this announcement, it  seems to have been a very good position to hold back. LinkedIn this time last year may have alienated their business customers with such an announcment. With social media now increasing in omnipotency in all facets of business it's probably less the case and great timing.

I think this positions the company very well for IPO which will probably happen in the next 6 months. We'll have to wait and see.  Hopefully, we can get them over to one of the future Irish Recruiters events to learn all about it and how they expect this to change the recruitment industry. This is a big step forward for cloud recruitment. I wonder when Monster will open up their platform with an API?

You can learn more here.