The Irish Recruiters "Hat Tip" Awards are here!

This year has seen some really great innovation and creativity on the recruitment front especially with the evolution of cloud recruitment, social media, deeper internet sourcing techniques and tools.

To recognise some of the great work in the industry I want to ask you all to consider sending me a mail at declanfi@microsoft.com with the nominations for the following categories with an explanation of why you think the nominee should win! I’ll have a look at these and write a blog post saying who the winners are referencing their work so that the entire Irish Recruiters membership can see it. I’ll be the soul judge, won't be included in the nominations and I’ll be as objective as possible. There is no trophies for winners or even bottles of wine simply a cyber “hat tip” and some industry recognition.

The nominees can be companies or individuals. All should be for companies or recruiters based in Ireland or Irish recruiters living abroad. Examples of work for campaigns in or outside of Ireland may be included. Clear examples should be listed of the work that is being nominated and the reasons why you think they should win. There are two categories for the awards: (1) companies and (2) individuals

Please provide a maximum of one nomination per category and provide links or images where possible. All nominations should be received by 5pm the 18th of December.

If you have any questions drop me a mail.

Company Awards:
Most creative use of technology award - Employers, Job Boards, Agencies, Recruiters, Others

Individual Awards:
Best LinkedIn Group?
Best LinkedIn Profile?
Best Twitter?
Best Tweet?
Most creative use of Twitter?
Best Facebook Page?
Best Irish Recruiters Blog?
Best Irish Recruiters Blog Post?
Best Irish Recruiters Blog Newcomer?
Most interesting Irish Recruiters discussion post?
Quickest response to technology?
Best use of mobile or cloud recruitment techniques?
Most creative online ad campaign?