Job Posting Analytics

I've always wanted to have a version of Google Analytics for every job post that my team is using... Imagine having detailed analytics around how effective the title you are using on your job description is and if it is attracting the right audience you want. Imagine knowing the terms that visitors are using to get to your job description and how many have applied and from what companies. These powerful analytics are now available in LinkedIn jobs. This is a huge advancement in innovation and providing insights into datasets that will power recruitment departments to more efficient job posting and much quicker results.

Check out the following job post and especially the virtual tour at the end to learn more, here.

If you click on the following image you'll see some of the live data from a role I am helping to recruit for today.

It is innovation like this that is exciting me inside LinkedIn. Our product managers and carefully thinking about how data and insights into data sets around recruiters actions. Recruitment Analytics is a fascinating topic. What does it mean? What would a data scientist in a recruitment department do if they could track the effectiveness of all the activity that is taking place around your job descriptions in real time. How would they advise your team to edit your job descriptions to make it more appealing to your target audience. When are we going to see the first Recruitment Analytics conference? Would you go?