Will every popular blog have a job board built in and has widget mania arrived!

It's interesting to pick up on some of the recent movement in recruitment product development that is being pushed by the blogosphere of late.

Indeed and Jobster recently came out with widgets which allow bloggers to host job advertisments on their blog. Also Monster widgets are appearing like this one in India. SimplyHired have come to the game with their impressive Jobs-O-Matic offering which allows bloggers to add a job board to their site and as such make some money for their hard spent hours of blogging!

The Irish Cyber Sleuth may have to try this on his own site one of these days!!!

Which all leads me to the question. When will the Irish market embrace some of these advances!?!?! So I wonder how long it will be before Irish Jobs bring out a widget for the job seeking community. If it takes as long as it did for them to embrace RSS capabilities on their site I won't be holding my breath. Maybe Stepstone or JobPilot may introduce something and start innovating in the heavily reactive European job board market.