Saon Group do it again - but this time in south America

check out the news article here here.

Saongroup.com has expanded its operations to central America with the acquisition of Tecoloco.com. The company operates in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Panama and plans to open in Costa Rica before Christmas. The company also boasts an impressive client base that is expanding quickly.

The Irish recruiter, which is jointly owned by telecoms entrepreneur Denis O'Brien and Cork businessman Leslie Buckley, is believed to have paid more than $3 million (€2.05 million) to acquire the business although no price was disclosed.

If this spikes the entrepreneur in you what should you do to capitalise on the Latin American jobs board gold rush! Well, if you got some time on your hands and some money to spend and want to follow in the jet stream of Denis and co I'd susggest starting with the language! Learn that Spanish fluency you all dreamed about having. Get over to Central America and start yourself a job board and pay someone to get some clients to use it. Plan your exit to one of the never ending expanding job boards of the world. Career Builder was quite happy to buy 2nd choice and 3rd choice generic job boards all across Europe to expand its global brand. They could be a contender. Likewise Monster has proven that it is prepared to do the same. I reckon if you pick an excellent URL that can rank in organic searches quickly, provide a simple and clean architecture that works and get someone on the ground drumming up some clients with some careful CPC purchases and some consistent blogging you'll have a small business before you know it.

Creo que empersaria en Costa Rica, al menos, las playas son grandes si la empresa fracasa- Hasta pronto!