Voice Search - Square is the new round - The Future of Recruitment is in the Cloud!

Wow! I can't believe it's that long ago but I think it's 2001 when I wrote an article for Monster called "How will XML change the face of recruitment".  7 years and XML has had a huge part to play in driving ATS systems together allowing multiple posting and driving us all towards a more common cloud computing experience. It is truely amazing the technology that recruiters now posses. The future is here but in a lot of cases it's just not distrbuted amongst us evenly.  One example of this is voice search technology which maybe in the next 7 years will have a big part to play in how we break away from our addiction to laptops and desktops and start to use mobile devices more in how we recruit. Who knows we'll probably be even talking into our car mirrors to make a search one of these days for a senior credit analyst or a purchasing manager (for new readers who haven't checked out my little screenplay on searching on your car mirror check it out here)!

Here's a video to tell what I mean:

And this is only the start!Windows Mobile, iPhones and Android are all working on improving their technologies in this space. Already Google's launch of Google Mobile Apps in iTunes a couple of weeks ago is setting high standards for voice search on your mobile device. So why not do some searching for candidates on the web or on LinkedIn are Facebook while you're queuing up in Marks and Spencers for those addictive choclete cookies or why not use that valueable time when waiting for your next Ryan Air flight to Faro!

The future of recruitment is in the cloud!