Innovation at LinkedIn you don't want to miss and the financials!

Some things catching my eye at the moment at LinkedIn.

LinkedIn now has a new profile makeover to help you enhance your professional identity, learn more about it here. It's worth 3 or 4 minutes of your time.

Check out the company's impressive latest financial statements here . Some of the highlights that caught my eye were:
  • Members grew to 115.8 million, an increase of 61% from the second quarter of 2010
  • Unique visitors of 81.8 million per month, an increase of 83% from the second quarter of 2010
  • Page views of 7.1 billion, an increase of 80% from the second quarter of 2010
Also the creative energy of some of the brighest interns in America particpated in LinkedIn's first intern hack day! This signifies the innovative culture permeating through LinkedIn. You can check out more in the video. Some of the results were amazing. My favourite being LinkedInOut! Very very cool! Also was great to see James Gosling the founder of Java being on the adjudication panel!

Did you miss "Apply with LinkedIn"! This for me is one of the very biggest innovations ever at LinkedIn. Over time a bit like PayPal's payment button I think will become a world wide recognised internet standard. In this case the ability to apply for a job with your LinkedIn profile.