Twitter Analytics and some excellent social media stats

Twitter for quite some time have had a hard time getting business advertisment spend over on their site. They've tried a bunch of things with marginal success. At tech crunch this week it was announced that they are working on a new Twiitter Analytics tool... this is going to help those advertising budget owners to understand where to lay their chips, and when they splice the data using this new analytics tool it may just shift some advertising dollars Twitter's way. Smart move. I'm looking forward to testing it on my Irishrecruiters handle.

Also, check out this very cool PPT on some of the latest stats on social media around the world in 2011!

  1. Awareness of Facebook is close to 100%
  2. More than 1 billion people (>70% of internet population) use social networks.
  3. People use more than Facebook. In Europe, people join on average 1,9 social networks. In USA it’s 2,1; Brazil 3,1 and India 3,9.
  4. Average Facebook session lasts 37 minutes, Twitter 23 minutes. More than 400 million people use Facebook daily.
  5. There is a big Twitter paradox:80% is aware of Twitter, only 16% is using it.
  6. Vkontakte is big in Eastern Europe: 55% awareness, 39% penetration.
  7. Difficult for new social networks to succeed. 60% does not want any new social networks. 93% is happy with what they have and won’t in- or decrease. Big social networks will get bigger and small ones will get smaller.
  8. People connect online with their offline friends. People love to connect to people.
  9. >50% of social network users are connected to brands.
  10. Offline brand experiences are the main online conversation starters.
  11. People become a fan on Facebook because they like the product, not because of advertising.
  12. 36% posted content about a brand on social networks.
  13. Consumers want to be in the boardroom. 44% is asking to take part in co-creation of products & advertising.
  14. Positive experiences are bigger conversation starters than negative experiences. People like positive stuff.
  15. Consumers prefer e-mail over social networks to ask questions to brands.
  16. 2 out of 3 employees is proud about their employer, but only 19% shares stories on social media: unused conversation potential!
  17. 38% of internet users has a smart phone. They are more intensive users of social networks than people without a smartphone.
  18. On average, people install 25 apps on their smartphone, but only use 12. Most used apps are social network apps.
  19. 12% of smartphone owners is using location based services. 4% of smartphone users are familiar with augmented reality.
    20%of location-basedusers checks in daily
Social media around the world 2011
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