LinkedIn launches new CRM for passive candidates: Talent Pipeline

At LinkedIn's Talent Connect conference in Las Vegas today LinkedIn launched LinkedIn Talent Pipeline to allow you have a central database on LinkedIn to store passive candidates that are not even on LinkedIn. It's their version of a passive candidate CRM system. This is going to help them create a passive candidate hub for recruiters and will certainly propel the company to getting the magic 640 million professionals around the world they feel should be on LinkedIn.

Some of the problems they say this solves are:

Recruiters can import leads and resumes found from other sources into Recruiter.  These records can be searched, tagged with additional information, and shared across the team just like any profile sourced on LinkedIn. With new tools for adding a lead’s source and status, recruiters will be able to report on and improve the efficiency of their pipeline activities.

Stale leads are transformed into up-to-date records with deeper insights by being connected to LinkedIn. When new leads are imported, they are connected to their LinkedIn profile, which members keep updating even when they aren’t looking for a job. Recruiters are better positioned to evaluate and build relationships with leads, based on the insights provided by the LinkedIn profile, including shared connections, activity updates, recommendations and shared groups.

Because it is LinkedIn, it is an easy extension of the sourcing that recruiting teams already do on the professional network today.  More than 75 of the Fortune 100 and another 6,000 companies use LinkedIn Hiring Solutions as a resource for finding, contacting, evaluating and staying in touch with leads, since they know most of their leads have profiles on LinkedIn.

It is only available for their chartered strategic consultants and will be more available next year to the wider public.

The product will be free for those who have Recruiter accounts!

 You can learn more on the LinkedIn blog here