Petition started on Twitter to get job boards to change their ways

Got sent an interesting article today about a A ‘twitition’ which has kicked off that petitions the big 3 job boards in the US to change their ways and give a better job seeker experience. Interesting approach!

Here’s what the twitition says:

If you are going to have a job site, we, the undersigned ask that: – we do not get inundated with marketing materials from your ’sponsors’ – our talents are not undervalued because of the glut of other applicants for jobs- that you limit sites that spray resumes across the web and minimize our legitimate applications – you provide content on your site that may not support your ‘way of getting a job/career’ so that we can get all the relevant information on job search on the net and make our own decisions about how to get our preferred position – ‘innovation’ be your keyword as you look for new and better ways to improve the online job search process As the ‘Big 3′ of Job Search, you gather the majority of candidates, recruiters and employers, and yet offer the least of free services and products to those who need it most- job seekers. We ask you stop looking to maximize profit and look to improve the job seeking process.

There are currently 3 signatures assigned to the petition will be interesting to see if it gathers momentum!