Social Media 1 Year On - Is the Irish Recruitment Industy rebooting itself or f*cking what!!!

For those of you still trying to understand what Social Media is all about this is one of the better presentations currently out there with some great messaging that hits the sweet spot. Unfortunately, there still is a paucity of strong case study material in Ireland to compare a lot of the concepts in this presentation with, especially amongst the SME sector. Expect 1 year from now all that to change in Ireland.

More and more recruiters in Ireland are now making a paradigm shift towards sourcing and branding themselves using the Internet. Clearly a dichotomy has formed: traditional recruitment techniques versus, let's call it, "innovative internet and social" techniques. The tide is rising in the sophistication of the recruitment sea in Ireland and I for one am delighted to see it. But as ever with a rising tide, everything is not plain sailing and recruiters need to understand how to build innovative, content rich social media strategies in tandem with their colleagues and in line with their local PR and Marketing team. Yes, by all means dive in and get your toes wet. Even do some fishing of your own. But don't neglect simple marketing concepts and basic project management processes if you want to truly stand out. And make sure for God's sake to make your content diverse, interesting and innovative.

Expect recruitment agencies and in-house recruitment departments in the not so distant future to have a social media recruitment departments with very structured social media policies, group forum moderators and Twitter content managers. Expect the recruiters of the near future in Ireland being expected to have at least a fundamental understand of how the Internet works and how to leverage social media if they are to impress their ever increasingly technical savy hiring managers. We are now living in the world of the advanced internet recruiter and the future of recruitment is in the cloud!