iGoogle for the iPhone

One of the tools I use to automate certain searches I do to map out talent pools around the world or construct a boolean search I want to automate is iGoogle. So far its probably the nearest I'm come to having a recruiter's personal operating system. Now it's gone mobile which has saved me some time as I can now access my configuation instead of having to go to multiple sites as before. iGoogle mobile is available for the iPhone and Android.

Here's what one of the Google representatives had to say about it:
“This new version is faster and easier to use. It supports tabs as well as more of your favorite gadgets, including those built by third-party developers … One of our favorite new features is the in-line display of articles for feed-based gadgets. That means you can read article summaries without leaving the page. You can also rearrange gadget order or keep your favorite gadgets open for your next visit.”

To learn more check out the below videos:

For the first video go to 1 minute 41 seconds to skip the intro.