Saongroup.com appoints ADTECH to Serve Online Advertising

I'm only catching up with this now but ADTECH last week announced that saongroup.com, has chosen its ad server solution to deliver online advertising campaigns across its job sites globally. To learn more go here. Worth checking out their platform-a technology, here.

Jane Lorigan, Managing Director Ireland at Saongroup commented: “Our business has expanded rapidly over the past few years but so too has the market. Advertising models have matured and it is a more accepted part of life now. We’ve established trust with users so they readily accept adverts as an integral part of our sites. Advertising is a key part of our business strategy and getting delivery right, is critical for campaign success.”

She continued: “Initially we used our own ad server software which was good but it required lots of internal development and the IT department were spending a lot of time managing it. Given this, we made the decision to outsource the ad serving to an external provider We wanted a solution which would work for the whole team – something everyone could use. After doing research and talking to other companies, ADTECH’s name came up time and time again. We went on to do some trials and found the software easy to use, the customer service very good and above all the technology was the newest software out there so no legacy issues to inherit that other products might have had.

The ADTECH team came over, set everything up and off we went! Their software is very intuitive so it did a lot of the work for us. Any queries we’ve raised have been answered really fast and its not been the painful process I anticipated. In terms of our ad sales, we have outsourced a portion of this again, but the providers work closely with ADTECH and are able to log in and use their ad serving software as well – making the most of the great reporting features which help to demonstrate campaign success. As an industry recognised solution its given us a great level of comfort about the accuracy of our data and that, is invaluable.”