Who wants to learn to build an iPhone job app?

I've gone to a couple of iPhone app conferences now and it's very interesting to see the variety of business men and women from all different types of industries that have been at them to learn about harnesssing the power of the iPhone platform. For those of you who know how to code and have been scratching, and twitching to know more about iPhone's fastly growing ubquitous platform  than more than likely you'll be very glad to hear about the launch of Apps School which will run its first course from the 20th to 24th of July in Dublin and is built for programmers with strong object-orientated programming skills to teach how to use Apple's iPhone Software Deveroper Kit.

The course, co-designed by the very talented Patrick Collison, co-founder of start-up Auctomatic, will be taught by SQT training with Havok intern and Intel Open Source Award winner Daniel Heffernan on board as tutor.

The course is very reasonable at €1,500 euros and the syllabus looks great for beginners. So far those recruiters amongst us that know a little C++ or Java or have access to a developer who you can afford to send on this course it might be a very cheap way to enter into the world of phone apps and launch Ireland's first Jobs App!

Who knows maybe you'll even better the iTie iPhone app that teaches you how to prepare you tie before an interview :) And it's free. Thank God for that!

Have a great w/end