Yahoo's HotJobs offers new Pay Per Candidate model

Here's what HotJobs say on their site, here.

"Yahoo! HotJobs Pay Per Candidate is a revolutionary new product never before seen in the online recruitment landscape. It lets recruiters pay per candidate, rather than per job post. You now have the ability to directly tie recruitment dollars to the desired outcome — the candidate's application or click-through to your site.

Recruiters can choose from two application methods:

a) Candidate completes the entire job application on the HotJobs site, or
b) Candidate clicks-through to your company's hiring site

With option (a), recruiters have the ability to pay only for pre-screened candidates. You pre-screen candidates by creating a customized questionnaire, so you only pay for candidates that pass the questionnaire.

With option (b), recruiters keep candidates on their career website for the application process.

Pay Per Candidate lets you:
  • Closely manage costs for your online recruiting needs.
  • Cap the number of Applies per job and re-allocate unused Applies to other jobs throughout the term of your contract.**
  • Save time, because when you use the HotJobs application process, you no longer have to evaluate candidates that haven't been pre-screened by your questionnaire."
 “Recruiters are being asked to find top talent using fewer resources than ever, and Yahoo!’s Pay Per Candidate model gives them the tools to increase the accountability of their listings,” said Chris Merritt, vice president and general manager, Yahoo! HotJobs. “With recruiters facing resume overload in today’s job market, the Pay Per Candidate solution will allow them to spend their time and budget on only the best candidates.”