1 week to go to the Irish Recruiters "Future of Recruitment conference"

It's just over 1 week to go to the Irish Recruiters LinkedIn Group "Future of Recruitment: Part 1: The Road Ahead" conference at the Westbury Hotel, Dublin on the 3rd of June from 2pm to 7.30pm.

In many ways recruitment is staying the same as it always has been and in many ways we are seeing recruitment's industrial revolution taking place before our very eyes. I believe the industry has begun to "reboot" itself. The Future of Recruitment conference will  discuss what are the challenges affecting the Irish recruitment industry from within and abroad and what role technology will play to evolove the industry as we know it forever. To learn more go here.

On the day (just in case you don't know already) there will be a mini- job fair for unemployed recruiters. During the break session from 4 to 4.30pm potential employers and unemployed recruiters will be provided with a space to meet to see if we can find some unemployed recruiters some jobs.

The Future of Recruitment Is In The Cloud!