Microsoft Vine beta launched as of yesterday - Twitter and Facebook on steroids

Here at Microsoft we've been coming up with lots of ideas in the social media space in our labs. Here is one that was launched yesterday that not many people in Ireland are aware of - check out the demo and keep an eye out for future updates by singing up at the beta site, www.vine.net

As it says on the site "Use the dashboard to know what’s happening. Information associated with the places you have chosen will appear on your map, including articles from 20,000 news and public safety sources. Information from people you care about, such as alerts and reports, will appear on the dashboard too. Send and receive alerts. Organize people into groups - the sports team you coach, people who live nearby, family far away, special friends, and emergency contacts. Each person defines how they want to receive alerts – through e-mail, a text message, or on their computer. Reach them quickly using alerts. Post reports. You decide what you want to share with whom, and then the information is sent directly to their personal dashboard. Check in safe and well to let your family know you are okay, let trusted neighbors know you’re headed out of town, keep people informed of situations that matter, or share general information like the team practice schedule for the week."

Also, check out what some of the press have to say about it:

Twitter + Facebook on steroids

Microsoft Vine begins beta in Seattle