Dreamjob.com.br - brillant ad!

For those of you that don't know me too well let me tell you that I have worked and lived in Brazil on many occassions and I consider it very much my second home after Ireland.

I like to monitor the job market in Brazil as much as possible and I've been paying attention of late to a lot of the pay for job searching services that job seekers need to use when searching on niche job boards in Brazil. An interesting business model that doesn't work in Ireland but is quite often the norm in Sao Paulo and Rio. A bit like a job seeker in Ireland having to pay 50 euros a month to use Irish Jobs and register their CV online.

In looking at some of this research I came across a really funny video for a new job board, that would give the big budgets of Monster and CareerBuilder a run for there money:www.dreamjob.com.br.