Tesco using mobile ads successfully to build on consumers loyalty

Tesco are the third biggest retailer in the world and when they start using mobile ads people should take note. They have decided to use the admob mobile advertisment platform to do so and they are using text and text + banner which asks users to click through for a specific action.

Here is a screenshot of an ad they are using to get you to use their mobile servies and gain free Tesco ClubCard points to do so. Clever combining of their points system and discount purchases for their mobile offering using mobile device platforms!

A bit like Software + Services and the new tactics that HMV and other music sellers are using to sell add ons to DVD and CD purchases there is some obvious club card and discount benefits that Tesco will deploy when they have mobile users visiting their mobile platform. Like cheap petrol and some cheap loss leader products to get customers in the door mobile ads will be another tactic they use to reach out to their customers in an innovative fashion.  Cleverly if you go to their mobile landing page here they are offering customers a number of very interesting offers including discount pricing for upgrades and extra ClubCard points for switch overs. I won't be suprised if we see one of the world's largest job boards joining forces with Tesco in the future or see them venture into world of recruitment themselves.

If you are interested in learning more about the future of recruitment and how mobile phones will have a part to play in the evolution of the industry maybe the Irish Recruiters Future of Recruitment conferene is the exact place you want to start your education and exploration on the subject, here.