Careerbuilder expanding even more into Europe

Careerbuilder has announced several partnerships in Europe that marks a clear message of how serious they are about the market.

They've set up deals with: Amris, Bond, Broadbean, Bullhorn, Candidate Manager, ChangeWorkNow, First Advantage, iCIMS, Kenexa, MrTed, PeopleBank, Peopleclick, PCRecruiter, Profilsoft, and Webcruit (Kaonix). Job posting aggregators such as and eQuest and candidate sourcing tools such as TalentDrive, AIRS, Daxtra and infoGIST will also be partners.

The idea behind this seems to be integration and making sure recruiters can be more efficient. Smart move and another reason for recruiters to use their platform.

"CareerBuilder's goal is to provide our clients worldwide with an experience that makes connecting them with the right people efficient and cost effective," said Farhan Yasin, president of CareerBuilder Europe, Africa and the Middle East. "Significant advances in technology have paved a road for new process-improvement tools that can easily integrate with a variety of applicant tracking systems. By adding these partners, CareerBuilder is strengthening its commitment to improving the recruitment process for our corporate employers."