Friday's top 6 - Google looks like buying Twitter

Some news items that caught my attention today.

[1] Saongroup.com, the international online recruitment company, has appointed Patrick Keenan to the position of Sales Director for RecruitGulf.com and Colm Reddy as Senior Account Manager. Read here.

[2]  Europe's unemployment up to 8.5%. and Ireland's up to 11% in March.

[3] iEmploy come out with fixed price model. The article goes on to say  

" iEmploy may be new arrivals on the online recruitment scene, but their founders have over 18 years of industry experience between them. With a sound backing and knowledge of what methods of service work, the iEmploy team have been able to cover recruitment advertising throughout all business sectors across the UK, Ireland and even internationally as is sometimes the case. Their unique selling point is an exceptional return for money spent, something that is extremely welcome in today's economy.

iEmploy's recruitment advertising packages are designed to suit businesses and employers of all sizes and calibre and are a mixture of traditional recruitment agency service as well as the effectiveness of job boards. All vacancies are posted on no less than 4 major job boards that have proven efficacy, and are seperately managed by personal account managers."

[4] Blow your trumpet to keep your jobs - James Caan fielding questions

[5] Online recruitment companies charge candidates. - I came across this practice when I was in Brazil over New Years. My sister in law was searching for work and had to pay 200 reis (65 euros) to get her CV allowed into a boutique retail job board's candidate database so that employers could see her details. Looks like UAE and Brazil have some similarities in the jobs market.
 [6] Looks like Google is about to get Twitter, here.