Google and Microsoft alliance to bring a new world of job matching

In an extremely rare partnership Google and Microsoft have decided to come together to create what looks like will be  the world's most sophisticated and successful job board!

Both 800 pound gorilla's have decided that the job board industry worth an estimates 6 billion dollars a year is now too good to ignore and they have jointly in an incredibly rare partnership agreement come together to form a new job board that will be based on a mixture of Microsoft's new algorithmic search engine called Kumo and Google's now already highly trafficked GoogleBase product. Open Source APIs will be offered using the new HR-XML consortium's CV distribution schemea to allow savvy job seekers to upload their CV for free and employers will have to bid to get access to candidates that match their search criteria. The new model will cleverly be a time-to-hire paradigm. The fresher the CV the higher the cost-per-click bidding starts at. So as an employer when you register the key parameters for your search e.g. Financial Accountant > Dublin district > 10+ years experience > ACCA > salary range 70 to 90k, etc - If the new database provides 8 candidates that match you can bid to see the CV the latest result being the most expensive. The idea being the latest candidates on the market are the most expensive to access. Employees can "turn on" or "turn off" their CV search at will. A set of guidelines and policies are in place to ensure that employees who have accepted a new job must "turn off" their CV before they can searching again for a new job.

The project is elegantly called called "FreeJobsForAll.com and has already been localised into 55 languages for launch. Both businesses are planning to integrate their Windows Mobile and Android platforms as well as their respective video hosting sites: YouTube and Soapbox to create a new world order in job matching and advertising. It looks like finding a job has got a lot more interesting. Happy April fools!