TwitterJobSearch adds Maps functionality

Here's what has come out from their latest press release:

"A new interactive feature launched by TwitterJobSearch gives visitors an immediate view of all vacancies posted onto the Twitter platform according to their location. Useful for those seeking employment in particular locations, the real-time visual map also proves just how fast professional use of the service is growing in different countries and cities around the globe. TwitterJobSearch’s JobMap allows people to drill down by continent, country or specific location, providing additional layers of detail as the map zooms in, with jobs signposted with a blue marker. The tool initially focuses on jobs posted by city, simply because that is the information most often used in job overviews, but any vacancies that provide more detailed address data in the original Tweet or destination url, such as postal or zip code, can be pinpointed exactly on the map. The total number of jobs posted in that location is displayed in a speech bubble with the option of clicking through for more information. www.TwitterJobSearch.com/map