Intel's new atom chip architecture and cloud recruitment

Anyone that is carefully watching the race for mobile internet dominance must have been very interested a year ago when Intel launched its amazing atom chips.

In less than a year there has been a revolution in netbook and mobile computing and this new generation of chip family is going to unleash an incredible array of new mobile internet devices in the very near future.

During the keynote at the Intel Developer Forum in Beijing last week titled "Mobility's Next Wave of Growth," Anand Chandrasekher, Intel senior vice president and general manager of the Ultra Mobility Group, introduced two new processors for Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs). He also demonstrated the first live demo of Intel's next-generation Atom-based MID platform, codenamed "Moorestown."  Read the news release here.

Job seekers are and will continue to get access to a wide range of new mobile internet devices on the market that will allow them use the power of the internet while away from the traditional desktop and access job related information far easier. Ireland still has a long way to go to catch up with Asia and the US in terms of broadband penetration in the office and on the road as well as affordable smart phone data packages but with the recent launch by Vodafone offering mobile internet packages for 9.99 per month and moves by the likes of BT now offering a whopping 24 mbps of internet broadband to its customers for as less as 39 euros a month (including VAT) were beginning to get wired up slowly but surely.

At the Irish Recruiters conference on the 3rd of June i'll be diving into this topic in a lot more detail. I'll be looking at the rise of mobile technologies and how these advancements in technology may be applied to give recruiters and job seekers a competitive advantage. I'll be explaining what cloud computing is and how understanding it can give recruiters a new way to contact new audiences using different delivery channels. I'll also be giving a lot of examples of a lot of the new products and services from around the world that I am tracking that can let recruiters react with the cloud.

Mobile technology is evolving at break beat speed to remind us of how far we've come watch the below video.