Irish Recruiters TV - Meet Jonhathan Campbell of Select People

As part of building out the Irish Recruiters Network I have decided to get the camcorder out, dust it off, wipe the lens and start meeting some people on the road to put some faces behind the names and learn about what products, services and innovation some of the members are offering. I also think that this is a great way to get people's opinions on the recession and how technology is so quickly providing a plethora of tools to allow recruiters get more efficient and effective at most elements of the recruitment process.

Forgive me for my poor light management, framing, audio balancing, post production editing and the terrible orangey tunsun lighting in the background but as time goes by I hope that the productions can become a little slicker.

First up is Jonathan Campbell from Select People Limited. Jonathan talks about some of his searching techniques as well as using Xing in Germany and cultural differences when recruitment across Europe. He also talks about the way recruitment is changing in the recession and the rise of the "smart candidate".

Don't forget to the hit the HD button on the bottom of the YouTube video to get a better visual.